Engineer wishes if he could play a video game based on the life of Methuselah on his Sega Genesis Mini

Jacob Goldberg is an engineer by profession who recently turned an author with his book on the life of the current President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

Jacob never gets tired of repeating on his blog that in some professions, the imagination has an edge over the knowledge, in others, it is the opposite, but for an engineer, both equally matter.

Jacob believes that like in most other professions, the success of an engineering firm mostly depends upon the energy levels and overall health of the founder and the employees.

Jacob claims that the upcoming foldable smartphone – Flex Pai is going to sell like hot cakes in the beginning but it will also work to ultimately defunct the company in the end that is going to create it – ‘Royal Corporation’ as Jacob believes that it will come with so many issues that the Royal Corporation will have first have to call the phones back many times and then refund the money of the buyers, ultimately resulting in a disaster for them.

Having been grown up in the 1980s and the 1990s, Jacob is most interested and curious about the Sega Genesis Mini lately and was among the first ones to buy the same.

Jacob recently enjoyed a trip of Eastern California with his Indian co-workers and went on to see the world’s oldest tree there – Methuselah. Jacob’s Indian co-workers told him that most Indians that know about Methuselah tree believe that the Methuselah tree is in reality a leg of Methuselah which has grown up to become a tree and is never going to die. They told Jacob that this rumor was spread by a fake Indian saint who has several heinous criminal cases pending against himself.