Optometrists prefer to use Large Format Printing art in their clinics for their patients’ ease

Dr┬áSarah Soprano is an optometrist from Detroit, Michigan, who makes at least one post on her practice’s blog each week. Dr Sarah claims on her blog that those who eat nuts and dried fruits since the young age are very less likely to suffer any kind of degeneration in the later years compared to those who do not.

Dr Sarah once claimed on her blog that if the military people don’t ever get hit by any physical eye injury, they are 300% less likely to suffer any chronic or permanent naturally occurring damage or degeneration over the years.

Dr Sarah says that it is a pity that the modern optometry related mass companies care about their profits more than they do about the health of the eyes of their patients.

Dr Sarah once wrote on her blog that they really have come a long way when it comes to the advancement of the technology of the contact lenses, but they are still far away from making it 100% healthy, which she personally believes will never happen.

Dr Sarah’s most recent post on her blog was that because she acknowledges that most of the patients that come to her office cannot see clearly, she has chosen to use nothing but Large Format Printing art there.