Orthodox Jew author from Haifa wants to write his next book in collaboration with an essay writing service seller

Noah Brenner is an Orthodox Jew author from the city of Haifa, Israel, who believes that the Jewish matriarchs aren’t given the importance and respect that they deserve and all the focus of the followers of the Abrahamic religions is on the patriarchs instead. Noah’s latest book which he launched in the August of this year was completely based on this topic which he titled “Jewish Matriarchs – The forgotten mothers of the so-called holy ones”. The book hasn’t sold good numbers yet but I happen to be one of the few that have bought a copy and the book really exceeded my expectations.

In his book, Noah writes that it is a pity and a form of racism that they do not include Hagar in the list of Jewish matriarchs. Noah agrees that she wasn’t a Jew, but he then adds that he was the mother of one of the most important Jewish patriarchs – Ismael, whom Arabs consider to be their real ancestor.

Noah claims in his book that all the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs had the healing powers like the Jesus but they preferred not to show it unless there was a necessity unlike Jesus, who was addicted to showing off his powers.

Noah believes that Rachel is a more important matriarch than her sister Leah, but she is not ever given the respect that she really deserves. Noah claims that Leah was just a bit fat but almost as good-looking as Rachel contrary to the popular belief.

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