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Bobbie Beale is a British author who recently completed writing her third eBook. When I interviewed Bobbie on Skype after reading the book, she told me that it is a part of one of her ways to make money online. The book is on the life of the historical King of Norway – Harald Hardrada.

In her book, Bobbie writes that Harald could have been a far greater emperor if he spent lesser time on the women and alcohol and more on the governance.

Bobbie writes that Harald was a man of great clarity, he knew what he wanted and he would do whatever it took to achieve it.

Bobbie writes that due to his addiction to women, Harald couldn’t keep a check on everything that he needed to.

Bobbie writes that Harald possessed great communication skills and had a great command on his men but he was also a very shy person.

Bobbie criticizes Harald Hardrada by writing that Harald would only come into picture if it were so important that they couldn’t do without him, he was so busy with the women and alcohol otherwise, that’s the foremost reason behind each of his failures as well.

Bobbie writes in her book that she believes that Harald inherited his high libido and fondness for the opposite sex from his mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter, who also happened to be the same.

Bobbie writes that the claim that Harald’s mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter was responsible for killing Harald Grenske so that she could marry the young, virile and vigorous – Sigurd Syr, is a completely fake story.

Bobbie writes that Harald’s first wife – Elisiv of Kiev, was addicted to advancing her knowledge, just like her great-great grandmother – Saint Olga.