Facebook live viewers are the last hope for this Koblenz woman to move to Berlin forever

Mia Fitz was born to both German parents in the German city of Koblenz. Growing up in Koblenz, Mia always had something bad to say about the Koblenz city and same was the case with her parents. They all wanted to move to Berlin but couldn’t as Mia’s parents had next to excellent full-time jobs in Koblenz.

Mia’s friends in school always accused her of being a narcissist. They called her arrogant and claimed that she utters her decision like it’s the final, eternal and sovereign one. They always told her that she speaks like she is telling them something.

Mia has always been trying to move to Berlin permanently and she recently applied for a job there as well. She has been selected for the second round of interviews which are going to take place in Berlin itself. The first round of interviews occurred online.

Whether Mia gets selected for the Delray job or not, one thing is for certain that she is going to Jogja, Java, Indonesia this winter holidays for a vacation and she has already booked all the arrangements.

Mia recently started an online general store that caters to all of Europe and United States of America with 2 of her friends. Mia’s task is doing the product research, another friend who is a programmer, his job is updating the website and the third one is a Facebook advertisement specialist, his job is to post Facebook advertisements at the lowest bids possible. They haven’t been successful yet but last week they did buy Facebook live viewers at unbelievably cheap prices which is their last hope.

Novi Sad business woman cannot get enough of riding her Evolution SR that is kept inside her newly bought mansion

Gurana Medved owns a bungalow with 5 enormous rooms in Vršačka neighborhood in Novi Sad city. Gurana inherited 2 department stores from her father when he died. The stores were doing well until large department store chains took over. After struggling for a while, Gurana finally sold out the department stores to the larger chain stores that were giving her a hard time.

As they say that you become what you think about most of the time, Gurana developed a very low self-esteem since she got hit by that experience. Gurana then started listening to the motivational speakers and reading books written by the same motivational speakers. Her outlook about the life changed completely since then. The story of Les Brown inspired her the most, how an ineducable mentally retarded man achieved almost all of his dreams. He is a father of several happy and healthy kids now with a net worth of tens of million of dollars. He even run as a mayor once and won the elections.

Gurana then started working on creating an online and offline furniture business that she aims to make the largest furniture business in all of Balkan peninsula. It has already achieved big successes. Gurana has been successfully achieving all the short-term goals that she set for her furniture business. She imports furniture from some of the best furniture wholesalers in Shunde district China and sells it in Serbia online and offline. She was surprised to know that very few businesspersons will taking advantage of this opportunity. They were all selling Serbia made furniture that costs thrice as much for the same quality. She was amazed at how lazy people are.

Gurana has already bought that mansion which I mentioned in the start of this post last month. She is now keeping all her savings in her QIWI wallet and bitcoins. She also too often converts her QIWI money to bitcoins whenever she feels like that the prices of the bitcoins are about to rise. Gurana has a gym in her mansion and inside her gym, the equipment that she loves the most is Evolution SR Bike.

This Rome GP recommends his patients to only buy stuff from Prodottogiusto

Dr Glenn Busoni is a General Physician from Rome, Italy, who writes on his blog that the parents must learn that the adult body wash, soaps and shampoos aren’t meant for the kids or babies. He adds that it is a pity that some parents believe that products such as baby shampoos and soaps are mere gimmicks and are no different than the ones for the adult. Dr Glenn has been trying very hard to spread awareness regarding this subject, he recommends the Italians to buy these products from Prodottogiusto as he believes that this is the most trusted website that only sells original products and nothing else.

Dr Glenn writes on his blog that state-of-the-art technology at a doctor’s clinic is extremely important but it has become quite overrated lately. Dr Glenn believes that the expertise of a doctor is far more important than the gadgets at his office and if you come across a doctor who overemphasizes on the state-of-the-art technology that is available at his clinic, you better stay away. Dr Glenn adds that most experienced doctors are well aware of the fact that their patient already know that they have the best of the best at their clinic when it comes to the technology and it is also something that is unethical for a doctor to brag about the state-of-the-art technology at their clinic. Dr Glenn Busoni jokes that some authority should put a ban on a doctor telling about his/her state-of-the-art technology more than a specific time in a day or on their official website.

Dr Glenn Busoni writes on his blog that some patients care more about the physician’s aura than how well he/she treats them and most of the time it doesn’t work in the favor of the patient but it works great in the favor of the doctor though. Dr Glenn adds that it definitely doesn’t work in the favor of the medical field as the doctors get upset by this kind of things happening around which ultimately leads to chaos in the medical arena.

Dnipro’s popular stationery store owner trusts none other than Daikin when it comes to the Air Conditioners

Tamara Brezhnava owns a stationery store in one of the most popular neighborhoods of the Dnipro city in Ukraine. The biggest specialty of Tamara’s store is selling custom rubber stamps.

Tamara Brezhnava claims to be the most passionate stationery store owner in the entire nation of Ukraine. She says that her passion is not limited to her business but other things as well, including swimming, horseriding and wrestling.

Tamara says that she has been able to save a lot of time and money since she got recommended Daikin for air conditioners at her store and house. She says that before she started using Daikin, she always used to be troubled with the issues regarding her air conditioners all the time. She used to spend a lot of time, money in getting those repaired and it was a lot of distraction from her personal and business life. Tamara writes on her blog that she only hopes better for her personal business and the office supply industry in general with the constantly improving technology.

Tamara’s store guarantees delivery within 3 days and it wasn’t long ago until she kept receiving complains regarding the late delivery on the phone, on Google Places, almost everywhere due to her store not being punctual and quick when it came to the delivery but Tamara really took great care of the issue with her hard-work, dedication and smarts.

Tamara brags that the major retail tycoons (both from the Ukraine and other nations), haven’t been able to shake her business at all but instead the opposite has happened. Tamara claims to have made all the major stores disappear from her neighborhood as they weren’t able to offer what Tamara’s store does and that includes friendliness, warmth and custom responses.

Neurologist from Muar recommends making money online to unemployed but hard-working and smart immigrants

Dr Raja Wawa is a Neurologist from Muar, Malaysia, who first didn’t believe that drinking probiotics could help the human brain in any case but now claims to have discovered for himself that the ones who drink those regularly are far less likely to get any chronic neurological disease.

Dr Raja Wawa writes on his official blog that diabetes is the root cause for many neurological issues which the field of neurology hasn’t been taking as seriously into consideration as they should.

Dr Raja Wawa claims on his blog that most of the temporal lobe epilepsy occurs when both the males and females are away from their sexual counterparts, hence temporal lobe epilepsy is mostly caused by sexual withdrawal, especially in the males and females that have it very frequently.

Dr Raja writes on his blog that he wasn’t aware of it lately that certain religious sects believe that getting your kids treated on certain days of the week brings bad luck.

Dr Raja says that it is nonsense that the memory power of the current and upcoming generation is lower than its predecessors.

Dr Raja claims that insomnia is far worse among the immigrant Malaysians than their non-immigrant counterparts. Dr Raja claims to have told several of those immigrants to buat duit online and change their lives.

Dr Raja claims on his blog that coffee and tea drinkers are more used to repetitive behaviors than their non-drinker counterparts.

Dr Raja Wawa claims that real estate agents are some of the most depressed people, especially since the recent recession in the real estate industry, they have become very vulnerable to the bipolar disorder.

This plant nursery in Lier is such a refreshing place to be at that some daily take a taxi all the way from Antwerp to visit it

Peter Bahi owns one of the most popular plant nurseries in Lier, Belgium, who writes on his book that some people are so addicted to buying plants that they visit his nursery all the way from Antwerp to Lier everyday, using taxi antwerpen.

Peter also writes on his blog that many plant freak couples come to his nursery instead of going to a pub, movie or elsewhere, for the reason that Peter has kept his nursery such a cool and refreshing place to be at.

Peter claims on his blog that only those that are passionate about plants can survive in the business. He writes that many large corporations and landlords that had no passion about the business tried their luck with no experience but a lot of money but they all failed. Peter is happy that they failed and says that it is a signal from the nature that nature is far superior to the money.

Peter writes on his blog that he sometimes has to work as long as 21 hours a day. He says that watching Indian mystic Sadhguru’s video where he mentioned that at one point of time in his life he used to sleep for only 3 hours a day really motivated Peter to go on like that and he also claims that he has watched the same video at least 100 times.

Successful Full-Time Bulgarian Internet Marketer hopes to make tens of millions with his upcoming T-Shirt business

Joshua Hamilton is a full-time internet marketer who was born and raised in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Joshua still lives there.

Joshua has been working on inventing a robot that will be able to create 100% unique content by itself. Joshua expects to make a lot of money with the same but more than that, he expects to make money with the T-Shirt business that he is about to inaugurate next month, thanks to Siatex, a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh, which Joshua has been relying completely on for his upcoming T-Shirt business.

Joshua is very confident that he can do great in the T-Shirt arena with his internet marketing skills and more. He says that all he needed was a reliable private label clothing manufacturer which could sell him merchandise at a price that could make him tons of profits and he believes that he has found the same.

The very first website that Joshua did optimization for was that of a friend’s hair dryer company. Joshua was too nervous and confused back then but surprisingly enough, the website became a superhit, owing to Joshua’s incredible efforts, intelligence and common-sense.

Joshua claims to have maintained more professionalism than a doctor or a lawyer of the modern era by never calling the prospects back, he claims to have never used telephone or email marketing. Joshua claims that all the business that comes to him, comes through sheer old-school search engine optimization.

Joshua loves writing and he says that he is glad that finally, the content has really become the King in the SEO world.

Joshua says that he is too attached to the online marketing and SEO, that no matter how much money he makes with his upcoming T-Shirt business or any other, he is never going to stop doing the Internet Marketing or SEO.

Choose your Apple watch and Orthopedic Surgeon wisely

Do you believe that when the emperor Sviatopolk I of Kiev murdered his brothers, he took it as a great accomplishment? Do you believe that Sviatopolk I of Kiev was like a messiah for the mughal emperors that committed fratricide? If you do, then you might also believe that the Apple Watch 5 is going to solve all your problems. Well, you are not alone, even some of the most popular and intelligent orthopedic surgeons like Dr Greg Griffin are with you, who took a day off from his practice just so that he could learn how to operate his Apple Watch 5.

Dr Greg Griffin has always been unusual, interesting and controversial, especially on his practice’s official blog. In his most recent blog post read, he advised the fellow doctors to never recruit a receptionist with a sexy voice. He claims that first those receptionists with a sexy voice get trolled hard and ultimately, your practice gets ruined and many times sees its last days.

Dr Greg Griffin claims that the greatest measure of an orthopedic surgeon is how well he treats the spinal injuries.

Dr Greg Griffin claims to have been working on inventing a medicine that will prevent spinal cord compression due to aging. Dr Greg Griffin believes that most likely it will be a vaccine.

Dr Greg Griffin writes that since the patients can now read reviews on Google Places and other places for a medical practitioner, more orthopedic surgeons lose their practice to rude assistants more than anything else.

The footnote of Dr Greg Griffin’s Orthopedic Practice’s Website reads “Choose your orthopedic surgeon wisely, choose Dr Greg Griffin.”