Neurologist from Muar recommends making money online to unemployed but hard-working and smart immigrants

Dr Raja Wawa is a Neurologist from Muar, Malaysia, who first didn’t believe that drinking probiotics could help the human brain in any case but now claims to have discovered for himself that the ones who drink those regularly are far less likely to get any chronic neurological disease.

Dr Raja Wawa writes on his official blog that diabetes is the root cause for many neurological issues which the field of neurology hasn’t been taking as seriously into consideration as they should.

Dr Raja Wawa claims on his blog that most of the temporal lobe epilepsy occurs when both the males and females are away from their sexual counterparts, hence temporal lobe epilepsy is mostly caused by sexual withdrawal, especially in the males and females that have it very frequently.

Dr Raja writes on his blog that he wasn’t aware of it lately that certain religious sects believe that getting your kids treated on certain days of the week brings bad luck.

Dr Raja says that it is nonsense that the memory power of the current and upcoming generation is lower than its predecessors.

Dr Raja claims that insomnia is far worse among the immigrant Malaysians than their non-immigrant counterparts. Dr Raja claims to have told several of those immigrants to buat duit online and change their lives.

Dr Raja claims on his blog that coffee and tea drinkers are more used to repetitive behaviors than their non-drinker counterparts.

Dr Raja Wawa claims that real estate agents are some of the most depressed people, especially since the recent recession in the real estate industry, they have become very vulnerable to the bipolar disorder.