Dnipro’s popular stationery store owner trusts none other than Daikin when it comes to the Air Conditioners

Tamara Brezhnava owns a stationery store in one of the most popular neighborhoods of the Dnipro city in Ukraine. The biggest specialty of Tamara’s store is selling custom rubber stamps.

Tamara Brezhnava claims to be the most passionate stationery store owner in the entire nation of Ukraine. She says that her passion is not limited to her business but other things as well, including swimming, horseriding and wrestling.

Tamara says that she has been able to save a lot of time and money since she got recommended Daikin for air conditioners at her store and house. She says that before she started using Daikin, she always used to be troubled with the issues regarding her air conditioners all the time. She used to spend a lot of time, money in getting those repaired and it was a lot of distraction from her personal and business life. Tamara writes on her blog that she only hopes better for her personal business and the office supply industry in general with the constantly improving technology.

Tamara’s store guarantees delivery within 3 days and it wasn’t long ago until she kept receiving complains regarding the late delivery on the phone, on Google Places, almost everywhere due to her store not being punctual and quick when it came to the delivery but Tamara really took great care of the issue with her hard-work, dedication and smarts.

Tamara brags that the major retail tycoons (both from the Ukraine and other nations), haven’t been able to shake her business at all but instead the opposite has happened. Tamara claims to have made all the major stores disappear from her neighborhood as they weren’t able to offer what Tamara’s store does and that includes friendliness, warmth and custom responses.