This Rome GP recommends his patients to only buy stuff from Prodottogiusto

Dr Glenn Busoni is a General Physician from Rome, Italy, who writes on his blog that the parents must learn that the adult body wash, soaps and shampoos aren’t meant for the kids or babies. He adds that it is a pity that some parents believe that products such as baby shampoos and soaps are mere gimmicks and are no different than the ones for the adult. Dr Glenn has been trying very hard to spread awareness regarding this subject, he recommends the Italians to buy these products fromĀ Prodottogiusto as he believes that this is the most trusted website that only sells original products and nothing else.

Dr Glenn writes on his blog that state-of-the-art technology at a doctor’s clinic is extremely important but it has become quite overrated lately. Dr Glenn believes that the expertise of a doctor is far more important than the gadgets at his office and if you come across a doctor who overemphasizes on the state-of-the-art technology that is available at his clinic, you better stay away. Dr Glenn adds that most experienced doctors are well aware of the fact that their patient already know that they have the best of the best at their clinic when it comes to the technology and it is also something that is unethical for a doctor to brag about the state-of-the-art technology at their clinic. Dr Glenn Busoni jokes that some authority should put a ban on a doctor telling about his/her state-of-the-art technology more than a specific time in a day or on their official website.

Dr Glenn Busoni writes on his blog that some patients care more about the physician’s aura than how well he/she treats them and most of the time it doesn’t work in the favor of the patient but it works great in the favor of the doctor though. Dr Glenn adds that it definitely doesn’t work in the favor of the medical field as the doctors get upset by this kind of things happening around which ultimately leads to chaos in the medical arena.