Facebook live viewers are the last hope for this Koblenz woman to move to Berlin forever

Mia Fitz was born to both German parents in the German city of Koblenz. Growing up in Koblenz, Mia always had something bad to say about the Koblenz city and same was the case with her parents. They all wanted to move to Berlin but couldn’t as Mia’s parents had next to excellent full-time jobs in Koblenz.

Mia’s friends in school always accused her of being a narcissist. They called her arrogant and claimed that she utters her decision like it’s the final, eternal and sovereign one. They always told her that she speaks like she is telling them something.

Mia has always been trying to move to Berlin permanently and she recently applied for a job there as well. She has been selected for the second round of interviews which are going to take place in Berlin itself. The first round of interviews occurred online.

Whether Mia gets selected for the Delray job or not, one thing is for certain that she is going to Jogja, Java, Indonesia this winter holidays for a vacation and she has already booked all the arrangements.

Mia recently started an online general store that caters to all of Europe and United States of America with 2 of her friends. Mia’s task is doing the product research, another friend who is a programmer, his job is updating the website and the third one is a Facebook advertisement specialist, his job is to post Facebook advertisements at the lowest bids possible. They haven’t been successful yet but last week they did buy Facebook live viewers at unbelievably cheap prices which is their last hope.