Stationery store owner from Iksan takes out his frustration regarding thin margins on online gaming communities

Gi-mun Gog owns a stationery store in Iksan, South Korea, whose store recently started selling online as well and he is really amazed at the kind of business going online has been generating for his store.

Gi-mun Gog’s store’s online sales have definitely been providing extra money for his family but Gi-mun Gog is not quite happy with the thin margins that selling stationery online generates.

Gi-mun Gog likes to play some good old Korean games and participate in online gaming community (우아미넷) at the time of frustration and all his frustration disappears magically.

Gi-mun Gog accepts all the cards both online and offline. Gi-mun Gog recently wrote on his stationery store’s website that he is willing to accept cryptocurrencies as well but is afraid of the government.

Gi-mun Gog overly emphasizes on his belief that for a stationery store owner, being overly friendly, remembering the names and faces of the customers, all serve a great purpose and brings return customers like nothing else.

Gi-mun Gog has always put a great emphasis on the importance of a business’s Google Places reputation. He writes on his store’s official website that sometimes one sees all positive but very few negative reviews on a stationery store’s Google Places profile, in that case, he says that the negative ones are the ones that are on point in 25% of such cases. He perhaps says this because his store doesn’t have a single negative feedback on the Google Places.