This New Toy Store in Vigo City is more popular than its neighboring 32 year old competitor because of the right paid advertisement

Bibian Ponte owns a new but popular toy store in one of the most prominent neighborhoods of the city of Vigo in Spain. Her business has been booming since the day it was inaugurated, thanks to the paid advertising (publicidad pagada).

Bibian also got herself a separate domain for a blog, which has a SSL certificate as well. Thanks to the virtual classrooms (aulas virtuales) that she attended for the online marketing before starting her store.

Bibian Ponte claims to have the best-looking employees in any retail store in the city of Vigo on her blog and for making such a claim, she was called arrogant, dumb and also lost a lot of business, which she recovered by publishing ads (publicar anuncios).

Bibian recently posted on her blog about how she once thought about carrying the ‘Hindu Demigods Soft Toys’, looking at the popularity of such toys, but decided not to later on, because she didn’t want to offend the Hindus.

Bibian recently stated on her blog that the sales of Politician Dog Toys has been on a constant rise ever since Boris Johnson became the Prime Minister of England, for which her blog post received a lot of negative comments, which Bibian claims are from the troll accounts belonging to the Conservative Party of England.

Just last week, Bibian announced on her blog that her store will be selling books in the near future and to make an analysis of what kind of response they are going to get regarding the same, they have already started selling office supplies.

Last month, Bibian made a post about how after regaining popularity, the boxer toys are more popular than their Pro-Wrestling counterparts, for the very first time. Bibian also attributes this to the declining popularity of the Pro-Wrestlers, especially since one of her idols – Mr Vince McMahon retired from the job.