Podiatrist from Ghaziabad loves the LGBT Community and PutLockers Movies

Dr Ashish Rawat is a Podiatrist from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, who claims on his blog that most Podiatrists have very little in common other than their formal educations. He believes that they all have their own beliefs about the right cure, the religious beliefs and its effects on the way they perceive a disorder due to the same. He adds that because of India being a highly religious country and one of the few having people belonging to several different religions, the dissimilarities among different Podiatrists is even higher than it is in most other countries.

After having completed 20 years in practice, Dr Ashish Rawat has come to the conclusion that it is best to keep secretaries belonging to the LGBT community. He claims to have discovered that it is never a good idea to have ugly receptionists at a clinic because they are enough to put the patients off, it is also not a good idea to keep attractive straight male receptionists at a clinic, because attractive looking straight Indian males are hard to come by, especially in India itself, hence, two attractive Indian males that he recruited long ago, would try to find a lover in the attractive female patients sitting in the queue all the time. He was unaware of their deeds both the time for a long while until the husbands of some young and attractive female patients of Dr Ashish Rawat contacted him and told him the entire story. Dr Ashish Rawat fired both the receptionists the very next day.

With attractive straight female receptionists, the story was just the opposite, hungry  and desperate male patients would try to find a lover in those straight female receptionists and that would ruin a lot of their time and also their mood, all the time.

Hence, Dr Ashish Rawat came with the idea of recruiting nothing but good-looking people belonging to the LGBT community, to take care of all such issues that persist a lot in the nation called India.

Dr Ashish Rawat loves to spend time with his friends and family members and one of the things that he most likes to do when he is with them is watching putlockers movies with them.

Toy Store Owner from Mumbai has a Message for Parents having Automatic Gates at Homes in India

Himesh Gangwani owns one of the most popular toy stores in one of the most popular and plushest neighborhoods of the Mumbai city in India. Himesh’s blog is even more popular than his toy store because of the interesting posts that he makes there, mostly regarding toys, toy industry and its future.

Himesh Gangwani recently made a post telling that the current generation of kids has got nothing on its previous generations when it comes to the enthusiasm for the fun toys, but all the previous generations combined have got nothing on the current generation when it comes to the enthusiasm for toys that help them learn things.

Himesh Gangwani claims on his blog that hyperactive kids buy less video games but more toys and vice versa, which is a fact already known by most parents, non-parents and even kids.

Himesh writes on his blog that he really hopes that an average adult would soon love to play with his kids’ toys as much as they like to open and close Automatic Gates in India. Yes, there are more automatic gates in India than a Foreigner could imagine looking at the slums and GDP per capita of India.

Himesh writes on his blog that seeing the revenues, profits and overall success of his toy store, a nearby motel owner has sold his motel and started a toy store in the same neighborhood, only to go bankrupt and curse Himesh. He had no idea that it is not easy to please the kids and their parents simultaneously.

Himesh has a small party each time his store crosses another million in profits, which happens quite frequently. Last time it happened, along with having a party, he got an automatic gate fixed outside his toy store and automatic doors all inside the store.

Nephrologist from Bogor, Indonesia has Retired from her Practice to pursue a Career in Online Marketing

Dr Nadia Afzal is a Nephrologist from Bogor, Indonesia, who claims on her blog that in 50% of the patients with proteinuria which was mainly caused by protein supplements, the condition doesn’t go away after they stop taking such supplements, but in the case of those patients, where the condition is mainly caused due to taking too much protein in the natural foods, it goes away in about 88-92% of the cases, which just shows that people shouldn’t substitute the natural diet with supplements.

Dr Nadia claims that those interested in Taoism and/or Traditional Chinese Medicine, more popularly known as TCM, have a much higher rate of¬†glomerulonephritis than those who aren’t interested in TCM or Taoism. Dr Nadia added that she has been trying to look for the reasons behind it, but has been unsuccessful so far.

Dr Nadia Afzal claims that a secret group of Israeli scientists and doctors believes that a human being can become immortal and stay eternally young if their original kidneys stay 100% healthy. Dr Nadia Afzal claims that this group has been keeping its work a secret. Only the Mossad, top Israeli Government Officials and few top Nephrpologists, mostly from Israel, know about this.

Dr Nadia Afzal claims that Roman Catholics have a much larger number of Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (HUS) than people belonging to any other religious group and even the non-religious ones, namely, atheists, agnostics, pantheists, etc.

Dr Nadia Afzal recently announced on her blog that she will be taking an off from her medical practice for a while because she has gotten extremely bored of the ‘Kidneys’ and ‘The Urinary System’ lately and she is going to replace it with online business for some time and for that very reason, she has been checking out different sorts of online marketing related tutorial blog for months.