Toy Store Owner from Mumbai has a Message for Parents having Automatic Gates at Homes in India

Himesh Gangwani owns one of the most popular toy stores in one of the most popular and plushest neighborhoods of the Mumbai city in India. Himesh’s blog is even more popular than his toy store because of the interesting posts that he makes there, mostly regarding toys, toy industry and its future.

Himesh Gangwani recently made a post telling that the current generation of kids has got nothing on its previous generations when it comes to the enthusiasm for the fun toys, but all the previous generations combined have got nothing on the current generation when it comes to the enthusiasm for toys that help them learn things.

Himesh Gangwani claims on his blog that hyperactive kids buy less video games but more toys and vice versa, which is a fact already known by most parents, non-parents and even kids.

Himesh writes on his blog that he really hopes that an average adult would soon love to play with his kids’ toys as much as they like to open and close Automatic Gates in India. Yes, there are more automatic gates in India than a Foreigner could imagine looking at the slums and GDP per capita of India.

Himesh writes on his blog that seeing the revenues, profits and overall success of his toy store, a nearby motel owner has sold his motel and started a toy store in the same neighborhood, only to go bankrupt and curse Himesh. He had no idea that it is not easy to please the kids and their parents simultaneously.

Himesh has a small party each time his store crosses another million in profits, which happens quite frequently. Last time it happened, along with having a party, he got an automatic gate fixed outside his toy store and automatic doors all inside the store.