Auto Blogger was born with Curly Hair, but that’s no problem since she has access to her favorite Online Wig Store

Jasmine Rosenberg is an Auto Blogger from New Jersey, who claims that bad and evil men and women have different taste in cars than their good and angelic counterparts. She adds that she has never seen an evil man or a woman drive a French car. She further adds that they like overly aggressive car designs and nowadays, when the humanity is more non-existent than ever before, we see overly aggressive car designs everywhere.

Jasmine is a huge Ford and Nissan fan. Her love for both the companies can be found in the statement that she once made on her blog, she wrote “Cursed are those who buy a Chevrolet or a Chrysler and blessed are those who buy a Ford or a Nissan, the ones buying the rest are neither blessed nor cursed.”

Jasmine Rosenberg claims that Fisker Karma was the best car produced in this decade, which failed miserably due to the lack of advertisement.

Jasmine Rosenberg believes that if not for the Renault and Mitsubishi, Eagle Motors would still be with us.

Jasmine has naturally curly hair, which she doesn’t like at all, but that’s not much of a problem, since she has got wig store online, a place where she buys her favorite straight hair comfortable wigs regularly from.

Apart from the cars, Jasmine loves Roller Skates and she is often found surfing the top websites that sell Roller Skates for Women.

Jasmine Rosenberg believes that Google’s Self-Driving Car – Waymo. is going to be one utter failure.

Jasmine also prophesies that Hyundai’s attempt to create self-driving cars will make the Hyundai a sinking ship like Nissan in 1999, and no Carlos Ghosn will come to save Hyundai like a Carlos Ghosn came to save the Nissan.

Jasmine claims to have interviewed hundreds of mechanics and to everyone’s surprise, she adds, roughly 25% of them were wife-beaters.