White SEO Company owner from Sumatra, Indonesia, believes that learning Japanese can double her income

Sandra Linney owns a SEO company in Sumatra, Indonesia. Sandra is notorious for criticizing the search engines on her official blog. Sandra writes that Yahoo! and Bing Local are the proof that these 2 search engines can never come up with anything on their own. Sandra believes that Bing and Yahoo! should sell their search engine business and do something else, like real estate, because she believes that anything tech is not their field.

Sandra Linney writes that it is really worth complimenting the way the search engines, especially Google, eliminated the monkey business of the spam website creators. Mainly the ones, who did nothing but created those websites full-time.

Sandra Linney believes that the best way to achieve prosperity is by gaining more information and nothing better than learning a new language to gain more information. That’s the reason why she has been learning the Japanese language by watching Japanese dramas that contain Indonesian subtitles (nonton drama jepang sub indo).

Sandra Linney believes that it is an insult to refer to the ‘seasonal keywords’ as such. She adds that her extensive SEO experience has taught her that there is no such thing as a seasonal keyword. She agrees that some keywords fetch more business in certain seasons, but she believes that there are no keywords that only bring business in certain seasons.

Both Martial Arts and UX-INFO are the Secrets Behind the Success of this SEO Expert from Honolulu

Nadia Crawford is a SEO expert from Honolulu, Hawaii, who believes that a carnivore diet is the most perfect diet for the human beings. She compliments the work of doctors like Lawrence Wilson. For the past 5 years, she has been donating US $3000 to Dr Lawrence Wilson each year.

To back her claim regarding the advantages and superiority of the carnivore diet, Nadia writes several big and unfamiliar examples on her website. For example, she writes that although the Pakistanis are 1/7th of the entire population of India, they are almost as dominant on the internet, which proves that the non-vegetarian diet makes you superior to the vegetarians.

Nadia Crawford writes on her blog that being a black belt in martial arts really helps her in becoming a better SEO expert. She claims that the flexibility she gained owing to her martial arts background really helps her type faster and do other things fast. But more than that she writes that reading blogs like ux-info regularly has helped her even more.

Nadia Crawford believes that the Google will replace the Adwords with something else by the end of financial year 2025, but the Bing and Yahoo! will stick to their not-so-good but old Bing and Yahoo! ads.

Nadia Crawford believes that the days of both the real life and the internet Yellow Pages, both are gone. She says that it is both a good and a bad thing. more bad than good.

Nadia Crawford claims on her blog that citation websites like LocalPack.com or GetListed.com don’t do anything much on their own anymore but they act as a great aid to your Google Maps Listings., but it is not going to be the same for too long and ultimately all such websites will be forced to go defunct.