Optometrists prefer to use Large Format Printing art in their clinics for their patients’ ease

Dr┬áSarah Soprano is an optometrist from Detroit, Michigan, who makes at least one post on her practice’s blog each week. Dr Sarah claims on her blog that those who eat nuts and dried fruits since the young age are very less likely to suffer any kind of degeneration in the later years compared to those who do not.

Dr Sarah once claimed on her blog that if the military people don’t ever get hit by any physical eye injury, they are 300% less likely to suffer any chronic or permanent naturally occurring damage or degeneration over the years.

Dr Sarah says that it is a pity that the modern optometry related mass companies care about their profits more than they do about the health of the eyes of their patients.

Dr Sarah once wrote on her blog that they really have come a long way when it comes to the advancement of the technology of the contact lenses, but they are still far away from making it 100% healthy, which she personally believes will never happen.

Dr Sarah’s most recent post on her blog was that because she acknowledges that most of the patients that come to her office cannot see clearly, she has chosen to use nothing but Large Format Printing art there.

I never knew that Francesco Costanzo loved the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini

I recently read this post by the Italian ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo who claims that he is one of the greatest fans of Pier Paolo Pasolini in the world.

In his post, Francesco Costanzo writes that the paternal uncle that Pier Paolo was named after was also suspected to be a homosexual by many but nobody dared ask him as he was physically a very strong man. Francesco also writes that this paternal uncle of Pier Paolo Pasolini was a very creative man like Francesco Costanzo himself but he was never able to make it mainstream like his nephew with the same name did.

Francesco Costanzo writes that when Pier Paolo Pasolini’s younger brother – Guidaliberto was born. Francesco writes that Pier Paolo’s father knew very well that they couldn’t afford having another child financially and that’s the very reason why Pier Paolo’s dad used to gamble day and night with the hope to make enough extra buck with it but rather the opposite happened.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo’s father was never persuaded by the so-called virtues of fascism but he had no other option than to say that he is persuaded by the virtues of the fascism in order to save his life from the cruel and arrogant fascists.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo being a pro-life, optimistic, creative person is highly evident from him writing poems appreciating the beauty of Casarsa at the young age of 7. Francesco adds that anyone who has visited the city of Casarsa will tell you that the city is not a very beautiful one but Pier Paolo really didn’t miss a single beautiful thing that he could mention in his poem and that too at the age of 7.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo being influenced by bisexual poet – Arthur Rimbard at an age that he didn’t know that he was a homosexual himself, even before he discovered that there is such a thing as homosexuality, proves that bisexual and homosexual men have creative prowess that is quite distinct from their straight counterparts which attracts the like of them. Francesco adds that there is a reason why most of the successful fashion designers are either homosexual or bisexual men or straight women.

Francesco claims that Pier Paolo started losing his religion the day he discovered the hatred against homosexuality and bisexuality in the religious scriptures of the religion that he and his family used to follow. Francesco writes that it wasn’t possible for him anymore to go back to having faith in his religion.

Francesco writes that although Pier Paolo Pasolini identified himself as an atheist, he was often confused there as well, he would think of himself as a pantheist, agnostic or apatheist at times.

Francesco claims that Pier Paolo used attain the state of nirvana whenever he used to write poetry between 12 to 5 AM in the night.

Francesco believes that entering the politics was the greatest mistake of the man called Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo couldn’t ever get over the death of his younger brother Guido’s murder.

Francesco writes that although Pier Paolo loved the communism, he hated Stalinism and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read him even a bit.

Francesco believes that it is a pity that they haven’t been able identify the murderers of Pier Paolo Pasolini till date.

Francesco writes that at one point of time in his life, Pier Paolo was obsessed with learning the Sanskrit language to understand the Indian vedic civilization better but because he couldn’t even after trying so hard, he turned his back on it and started hating the Sanskrit language and the nation called India. Francesco adds that the next year, the same happened when he tried to learn the Hebrew and Yiddish language simultaneously again to understand the Catholicism, Judaism and Israel better.

Francesco writes that although Ezra Pound wasn’t a communist, interviewing a great poet like Ezra Pound was the greatest moment for Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Francesco writes that if Pier Paolo were alive today, he would be extremely happy to see how far the gay rights have come.

I personally do agree with most of the points that Francesco Costanzo makes about Pier Paolo Pasolini and I am immensely happy to have learned a fact yesterday that the biopic directed by one of the former collaborators of Pier Paolo Pasolini – La Macchinazione, has over 70% Non-Italian viewers, which I believe should be a delight for any PPP lover.

Like Nijinsky, Francesco Costanzo believes in making the dance extraordinarily easy for the beginners


Ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo has something to teach to everyone, no matter whether you are interested in learning ballet, contemporary or hip-hop, or you belong to the advanced or beginner level.

Like his all-time favorite hero – Nijinsky, who wanted to innovate some extraordinarily easy classes for the beginners, Francesco Costanzo has also been working on the same.

Francesco Costanzo has also been working on combining yoga exercises with dancing for the ones who aren’t ready to believe that dancing can be a perfect form of exercise or are yoga freaks.

Francesco Costanzo met some Sufi saints while he was in Iran recently and he taught them some ballet as well. He also enjoyed Sufi Whirling with them for hours.

Francesco Costanzo attended a wedding in Pakistan in the year 2017 and he was amazed to see that in the most fanatic Islamic nation, they had a wedding where everyone was dancing, especially the women and that’s when Francesco said to himself that nobody can stop the power of dancing.

Just like his hero Nijinsky, Francesco believes that dancing with your body, mind and soul simultaneously and wholly increases your intuitive powers as well. He claims that it has increased his own.

Francesco claims that Nijinsky believed in behaving nice all the time, no matter how stressed or frustrated he was at the inside. Francesco claims that this is the philosophy of every great dancer including himself.

Francesco recently read each and every article that he could find about the founder of the Ballets Russes and Vaslav Nijinsky’s infamous lover – Sergei Diaghilev. After reading every piece that he could find, he came to the conclusion that Sergei did his best to hate on Nijinsky but he couldn’t do it wholeheartedly, his love for Vaslav Nijinsky remained the same till the last day he breathed.

Black or White choreographed by Francesco Costanzo is really fun and so is the post that he wrote about legend Carl Ebert recently

Did I ever tell you that my most favorite city in the world is Los Angeles? I don’t know if I ever had. Only if I could become an American citizen.

Okay, so you may be wondering what does my favorite city Los Angeles has to do with this post, well, the reason is that this post is about a gentlemen opera director who is no more with us – Carl Ebert who spent the last years of his 93 year long life in his love Santa Monica which comes under the Los Angeles county.

My favorite ballet dancer and my good friend Francesco Costanzo after uploading his video of Michael Jackson Black Or White choreographed by Francesco Costanzo wrote a great long article on his blog about everything he read about the legend Carl Ebert.

You would be surprised to know that the greatest quality that this legend Carl Ebert was known for was his ability to choose the most suitable clothes for the performers.

Francesco writes that after his meeting with many different powerful figures in the Nazi party including Adolf Hitler, Hermann Wilhelm Goring offered Carl Ebert the control of all the opera houses of Berlin but Carl rather refused and decided to leave the country instead. The Nazis wanted to make Carl Ebert one of the most powerful figures in the history of the Nazi Germany; The Nazis would have turned him into a very high level powerful minister owing to his sincerity, discipline, intelligence and other traits.

After Los Angeles, Carl Ebert loved Turkey the most.

It is funny how some people believe that the surname Lawless was used to denote the lawlessness of Carl’s biological parents to whom Carl was born without marriage. In reality, Lawless was the surname of the woman that adopted Carl.

It is also funny that how because of his big ears and nose, many would mistake Carl as an inbred in his teenage years and thought of him as a nincompoop.

Neil Armfield is an idol for several Opera Directors around the world, including Francesco Costanzo

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must be aware of my love for the Opera, Theater and Ballet. There is someone who is far more interested than me in all three and his name is Francesco Costanzo –┬áThe Opera Ballet Theatre Director.

Francesco recently wrote a very lengthy article about one of his heroes – Neil Armfield on his blog. In his blog, Francesco writes that The Royal Queensland Theatre Company saw a remarkable crowd on the day they performed ‘A Cheery Soul’ by Neil Armfield.

Francesco writes that Neil Armfield was the first one to depict Muslim characters in the play ‘The Marriage of Figaro’. He writes that he did so in order to reveal that the Muslims also consider the play to be pious for them.

Francesco also writes that nobody directed ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ better than Neil Armfield in the history of Opera.

When Francesco interviewed Neil once when he was in Australia, Neil told him that many of the viewers of ‘Waiting for Godot’ believed that the play is all about Gog and Magog after hearing the characters’ names. Neil also told Francesco that surprisingly, ‘The Underpants’ which was originally written by the German playwright Carl Steinham in 1910 as Die Hare is his most difficult work yet. Neil also joked that the play Alchemist really got him obsessed with alchemy in real life.

Neil also told Francesco that the way he directed the play ‘Keating!’, it really got a great percentage of the audience to believe that he is a sycophant of the Prime Minister Paul Keating.

Francesco’s personal favorite by Neil Armfield of all times is the play ‘Stuff Happens’. Francesco says that the passion that Neil put in while directing ‘Stuff Happens’ really portrays how anti-war and peace-loving sensible man he is.

The month of December brings good luck to Cabrera Christian’s life

Cabrera Christian (name changed) had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving aka Turkey day and now she is looking ahead for a marvelous Christmas and New Year eve. On the arrival of December, Cabrera cannot stop thinking about the schoolmate and her best buddy of the time – Edgar with whom she used to fold Origami Christmas all the time in the month of December.

Cabrera owns a Blue Dapple Dachshund whom she makes wear the same colored cowboy hat as the color of her dress.

Cabrera is one of the top wholesalers of security cameras on the internet. She buys them wholesale from Chinese websites like Alibaba and brands them as her own. Cabrera’s father – Dennis is a charcoal wholesaler who imports charcoal from the Republic of China’s best manufacturers and wholesales the same in the United States.

Cabrera is a devout catholic who hasn’t abandoned her faith no matter how much her friends tried to persuade her. She says that the holy bible answers all her questions and solves all her problems whenever she is in a trouble. She just goes through the bible whenever she is in a dilemma or in a state of major confusion related to something significant.

Cabrera doesn’t agree with the evangelists a bit. She says that evangelical people are atheists in disguise and they are worse than the atheists when it comes to the moral values.

Along with the catholic religion, Cabrera has a huge respect for the white people and the white European race.

Cabrera is 36 already and never married. Cabrera has been struggling with her masturbation addiction for the last 18 years and she cannot stop seeing men as merely sexually objects. She has every reason not to do it but she still does it. The number 1 reason for her to not to masturbate is the religious reason. It is a heinous sin according to the catholic religion.

Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu runs the best hair transplant clinic and he is not proud of it

Emunah Apter (name changed) recently ordered the popular powdered food that goes by the manufacturing company’s name itself ‘Huel’. Emunah sometimes have these insane ideas that bring about nothing but insane consequences. For example, she recently along with her husband planned to build a castle looking mansion with her husband. Yes, Emunah and her husband are very rich. Emunah recently inherited millions after her father’s death. Emunah’s husband is son of one of the most powerful men in the city of Payas in Hatay province.

Emunah’s father-in-law puts priority to hard and necessary tasks instead of the fun and easy ones and that’s one of his most peculiar qualities that made him so rich and powerful. Sometimes, the old man loves to throw temper tantrums on other but he is a wonderful family man. She recently gifted his wife and daughter-in-law (Emunah) a hair transplant from the best hair transplant clinic around.

Emunah and her mother-in-law tried every other conventional method to get their hair back before going for a hair transplant.

Emunah loves to watch vintage Hollywood movies and her most favorite ever is ‘Young Frankestein’. She also loves to do some research in her spare time and she is currently looking out for who killed Abraham Lincoln. It has been over 2 months since she is stuck on that particular topic and hasn’t found an answer yet.

Emunah once got her neurotransmitters tested and it turned out that she has excessive dopamine levels with very low serotonin levels. Emunah herself, her friends and family believe that this imbalance in her neurotransmitter are responsible for her crazy ideas and sometimes crazy activities as well.