Orthodox Jew author from Haifa wants to write his next book in collaboration with an essay writing service seller

Noah Brenner is an Orthodox Jew author from the city of Haifa, Israel, who believes that the Jewish matriarchs aren’t given the importance and respect that they deserve and all the focus of the followers of the Abrahamic religions is on the patriarchs instead. Noah’s latest book which he launched in the August of this year was completely based on this topic which he titled “Jewish Matriarchs – The forgotten mothers of the so-called holy ones”. The book hasn’t sold good numbers yet but I happen to be one of the few that have bought a copy and the book really exceeded my expectations.

In his book, Noah writes that it is a pity and a form of racism that they do not include Hagar in the list of Jewish matriarchs. Noah agrees that she wasn’t a Jew, but he then adds that he was the mother of one of the most important Jewish patriarchs – Ismael, whom Arabs consider to be their real ancestor.

Noah claims in his book that all the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs had the healing powers like the Jesus but they preferred not to show it unless there was a necessity unlike Jesus, who was addicted to showing off his powers.

Noah believes that Rachel is a more important matriarch than her sister Leah, but she is not ever given the respect that she really deserves. Noah claims that Leah was just a bit fat but almost as good-looking as Rachel contrary to the popular belief.

Noah claims to have used an essay writing service more than 15 times lately that he discovered on the docker hub and has fallen in love with the same. Noah writes that he has been considering the owner of that essay writing service to write a book in collaboration with him if he agrees.

Chilean hopes to make her first million with her first book that she wrote after beating the disease of procrastination

Tara Martinez is an American author of Chilean origins who recently completed writing her first book after reading the popular blog post – 7 steps to overcome the “I’ll start tomorrow“. She has always been a procrastinator but claims to have overcome the same now with the help of several different books, web posts and other stuff.

Tara was generous enough to send me a free copy of her book. The book is on the life of the biblical patriarch and Methuselah’s father – Enoch. In her book, Tara claims that Enoch living 365 years according to the Book of Genesis conveys the relationship of his age with the 365 days in a year.

Tara claims to have studied the religion of Hinduism thoroughly as well in both her book and blog. Tara writes that Enoch draws a great resemblance to Narada Muni, the son of Hindu Trinity God – Brahma. Tara writes that just like the Metatron Narada, Enoch is also an angel who communicates god’s word.

Tara adds that Enoch also draws a huge resemblance to Atharvan, another son of Hindu God – Brahma. Tara doubts that Brahma could also be the distorted and exaggerated version of the Jewish patriarch – Abraham.

Tara claims that Enoch’s biggest weakness was his anger and wrath.

Tara claims in her book that the Hindu Brahmins are most likely the disciples of Enoch, who followed him. Tara then adds that the Hindu scriptures also seem to be the distorted version of the Jewish scriptures, the Hindu upanishads show a great resemblance with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tara claims in her book that the first and second book of Enoch were without a doubt written by Enoch but the third book is wrongly attributed to him. Tara adds that there is no way that the third book was written by Enoch.

The daughter of a popular Fortaleza book store owner has some of the best videos on skin care

Parker Leone owns a very popular book store in the heart of the Fortaleza city in Brazil. On the official website of her book store, Parker claims to have the greatest ratio of rare and unique books anywhere in the province of Ceara.

Parker says that surprisingly enough, atheist looking people love to read biblical books more than their religious counterparts which astonishes her each time she sees one. Parker is an agnostic herself and she claims that she used to be a devout Orthodox Christian until she was 21 and in her case as well, the more she read the textbooks belonging to the different religions, the more agnostic she found herself until one day she announced that she will never again go to the Church on Sundays to ask for the forgiveness. Parker says that she still loves reading religious textbooks, especially the biblical ones, but she cannot go back again to her Orthodox Christian ways even if she tries.

Parker believes that helpful staff is perhaps the most crucial thing when it comes to owning and managing a book store. Parker says that she visits different libraries and book stores in the spare time, looks for extraordinarily helpful and friendly staff there, asks them their salary and then offer them 1.5 times the salary for working at her book store which they agree to roughly 6 out of 10 times. Parker is always looking out for some more innovative ways to recruit people at her book store and she says that each year her book store has far more friendly and helpful staff than the previous one. I haven’t visited her store personally as I have never been to the city of Fortaleza so I can’t attest this but from the testimonials and reviews on the Google Places, it looks like she is telling nothing but the truth.

Parker’s daughter is a Youtuber and most of her videos are regarding makeup, skin care and fitness stuff. She recently made this video about how to eliminate expression lines (como eliminar linhas de expressão) which I showed to my wife Dayanita who is well-versed in the Portuguese language and she couldn’t thank Parker’s daughter enough for such helpful content.

It took this ambitious and young SEO firm owner from England only 9 months to get fluent in Mandarin Chinese language

Warren Huxley is a proud owner of a successful SEO agency based out of Portsmouth city in England. Warren has a habit of watching motivational videos on the Youtube and his latest hero is Dan Lok. Inspired by Dan Lok’s Chinese origins, Warren decided to learn the Mandarin Chinese language in order to expand his SEO business and to learn more about the Chinese culture, history, traditions and the Chinese people.

Warren was told by a friend that one of the top ideas when it comes to learning the Mandarin Chinese language is to begin with their numeric system, which he did. It was about 9 months ago when Warren started learning the Mandarin Chinese language and today, you cannot even tell on the phone whether it is an ethnic Chinese or a person whose mother tongue is other than the Mandarin Chinese is speaking. Warren has proved that he has some great memorizing and learning skills. He is on with his SEO business expansion in China and has already received 9 orders from 9 different small businesses. Like his hero Dan Lok, he aspires to become a multi-millionaire by the time he is 35.

Warren has a SEO niche blog as well and he is popular for making honest, blunt and sometimes controversial statements on his blog, for example, once he said that the age of a website can alone be the ranking factor for a website belonging to some not-so-competitive niche. The post received more negative than positive comments, many of those were name-calling comments and like always, Warren didn’t delete a single one of them and even replied to some of those, despite of the fact that they were extremely rude.

Warren remembers the time when he started off with SEO, he became weird and annoying to his family as he started using SEO analogies all the time. His mother called him an idiot when he started comparing the age of a human being with that of a website.

Rajasthani Young and Handsome Bodybuilder going to Bangladesh for his MBBS

Varun is a very humane young man from the pink city of India and capital of Rajasthan – Jaipur. Varun’s family does a lot of charitable work for the welfare of the poor and disadvantaged people.

Varun’s father is a weather forecaster and his mother is a homemaker. Varun loves the monsoon season and he was also born in the month of July.

Varun’s family makes an annual pilgrimage to the temple of Vaishno Devi and this year they wished for Varun’s admission in a top medical college. Varun got the offer for the admission, but the family couldn’t afford it so they decided to enroll him in a medical college in Bangladesh. MBBS in Bangladesh fee structure is extremely appropriate and it is much cheaper there as well.

Varun is a stud and he loves to impress ladies. Teenagers, young, middle-aged, a bit older than middle-aged, it doesn’t matter to him, he just loves to see a smile on their faces when they see him passing by on his Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Varun is anxious as to whether the Bangladeshi girls will like him or not.

Varun got interested in bodybuilding while he was still in school and he is very proud of his muscles. He always tries to become the best version of himself and listens to fitness and career motivational speakers whenever he can. His most favorite career motivational speaker is Jack Canfield.

Varun used to be a loner before he reached junior high school. His parents always forced him to make some friends but he wouldn’t listen to them. After a couple of teachers in his school told him that he needs to be a bit more social and make some friends if he wants to achieve something big and learn more in the future; only after that he got serious about it.

Where there is a will, there is a way, 17 year old Mexican immigrant is a popular Youtuber now

Channing Oza (fake name) couldn’t complete her studies due to the bad economic condition of her family. She was only 16 when she started working at a photo lab, full-time. Working for the pennies wasn’t enough for her and her family.

Channing came to the United States of America from the Mexico. She was only 2 back then. They used to live in a ghetto area in a cardboard house in Mexico.

Channing never knew that they were poor. One day while having the dinner, her parents had an argument over money, the argument had a disastrous effect on Channing and that’s the day when Channing got to know that her family is poor.

Channing made some good friends while working at the photo lab. She even made her best friend there, who was from Brcko. She soon enough started Youtubing. She told about her plan to the photo lab owner who was very happy and was certain that she will succeed. The kind of hard-working a person Channing was, she was bound to be a success. She asked the photo lab owner if he could lend a nice camera to her which he did happily.

Channing would write the script for her video while at the photo lab. She would think crazily all the time there and kept writing. After the work time was over, she would borrow a high quality camera from her boss to create her video of the day and would record the video outdoors as the condition of her house wasn’t something that she thought she can record a video at. She would record the videos in the gardens, by the beaches, at a park and so on. Even on her first video on the first day, she received 100 views which is a great thing considering the competition and the number of video views that other new Youtubers receive.

Today, she is one of the most popular Youtubers and about to reach 1 million subscribers soon enough.

Surveys show direct correlation between the GDP and the education

Several surveys done have shown the direct relationship between a country’s GDP and its education. The more educated the people of a country are, the more annual GDP a country has.

Your parents emphasis on your education for nothing. They know its value and there is a reason why the society as a whole treats its civilized and educated people much better than the ones who are not. Education is one of the foremost factors of your status.

Why do you think some of the richest people on earth send their children to study at Evropski univerzitet Kallos Tuzla?

You will read several articles and hear many people say on the radio and television that children nowadays are not interested in going to a college or university. Yes, some of them are not, but a vast majority wants to go to a college or a university and the only reason that the ones who are interested in going to and still don’t attend a college or a university is that they can’t afford it. But I personally don’t think that it should be used as an excuse when one says that I can’t afford going to a college or a university. This is a life changing decision and going to a college/university for 3 years will change your life forever.