Engineer wishes if he could play a video game based on the life of Methuselah on his Sega Genesis Mini

Jacob Goldberg is an engineer by profession who recently turned an author with his book on the life of the current President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

Jacob never gets tired of repeating on his blog that in some professions, the imagination has an edge over the knowledge, in others, it is the opposite, but for an engineer, both equally matter.

Jacob believes that like in most other professions, the success of an engineering firm mostly depends upon the energy levels and overall health of the founder and the employees.

Jacob claims that the upcoming foldable smartphone – Flex Pai is going to sell like hot cakes in the beginning but it will also work to ultimately defunct the company in the end that is going to create it – ‘Royal Corporation’ as Jacob believes that it will come with so many issues that the Royal Corporation will have first have to call the phones back many times and then refund the money of the buyers, ultimately resulting in a disaster for them.

Having been grown up in the 1980s and the 1990s, Jacob is most interested and curious about the Sega Genesis Mini lately and was among the first ones to buy the same.

Jacob recently enjoyed a trip of Eastern California with his Indian co-workers and went on to see the world’s oldest tree there – Methuselah. Jacob’s Indian co-workers told him that most Indians that know about Methuselah tree believe that the Methuselah tree is in reality a leg of Methuselah which has grown up to become a tree and is never going to die. They told Jacob that this rumor was spread by a fake Indian saint who has several heinous criminal cases pending against himself.

Retired international cricketer – 6 feet 1 inches tall, 76 year old hyperactive Greek gentleman loves to watch movies with his grandchildren

Raine Bain (name changed) is the granddaughter of an Australian cricketer who was expelled due to his misbehavior with a female. I guess that you have already guessed the name of the cricketer that I am talking about, let me give you another hint or guess here, he used to be an extreme fast bowler with a height of 6’1″. Raine’s grandfather came to Greece after he was insulted so badly in Australia. He first settled in Athens but then moved to the city called Chania.

Raine’s grandfather is still alive and he is so healthy, alive and fit even today that he runs his own blog where he writes whatever comes up in his mind and a ‘lot’ come in his mind even at this age. Old people are accused of living in their past but Raine’s grandfather’s story is quite different. He recently wrote a post criticizing the immigrants who complain day and night about the meager wages that they get in the United States, European countries, Australia, Canada, etc. He wrote that he has traveled almost all the Islamic countries including Turkey, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and a few others and the condition of the people that are residents of these countries is worse than the poorest of the poor in any first world country citizen can even imagine.

Raine’s grandfather once wrote a post about a secret meeting in Ajman, UAE that he attended disguised as a rich Arab from Doha, Qatar. He says that they talked about the Malhama (Armageddon) during most of the time in the meeting and they were referring to Russia-China-Iran-Pakistan-North Korea alliance as Gog and the rest of the world as Magog.

Raine’s grandfather’s favorite pastime and hobby is to watch children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with his grandchildren which he thoroughly enjoys. He totally forgets about what else is going around in the world while he is watching movies with his grandchildren.

Free Robux Codes

23 year old Hayley Bauman (fake name) had a hard life. She was raped by her uncle on her 10th birthday, her Dad was always an alcoholic, her mother a drug addict, only her grandmother was the only one who ever cared about her but she was herself legless. Now, her grandmother is dead, and Hayley moved out the day she turned 18. Her grandmother was already no more by the time.

Hayley worked at odd jobs which were hard to find, she moved from one town to another and was facing the depression. Hayley has always been very beautiful and she started getting wrong offers from the wrong people. One agency once offered her to become an escort, while an adult website once offered her to become a pornstar, Hayley refused all the offers even when she didn’t have a job.

Hayley then moved to New York to achieve her beloved American dream. In the New York, she worked at several different places, including a local restaurant, a gas station, KFC, but finally she found a job that she really loved. She got a job at a video game cafe on the Ludlow Street. She got paid only 10 dollar an hour, but she was given the chance to play the video games of her choice whenever she wasn’t busy. With the free robux codes and all the time she has, she feels so great. She didn’t enjoy her life this much ever before.

Hayley is still working at that game cafe and we hope that she achieves the American dream one day and forget everything bad about her past.

Young Ukrainian guy saved his hundreds of thousands Hryvnia because of Lambingan

Evgeny is a young Ukrainian guy who heard some very unusual things about the Phillipines and the Filipino culture. People told him how different the Filipino people are from the rest of the Asians. Evgeny had already traveled to India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Japan, he found the cultural and economical difference in each of these countries. He had no idea how the Filipinos are going to be so different from all the other Asian people.

He is a travel freak and he was planning a trip to the Philippines even with a low budget. He just had to sell his car due to the bad economic condition of him and the reason behind his bad economic condition was his traveling addiction. Then his friend told him about Lambingan. Lambingan is a website where you can watch and replay all the Filipino TV programs whether it be a Sunday drama or a Weekday series.

Evgeny told his friend that he doesn’t the Filipino language. His friend told him that he needn’t worry about that, there is a caption option on the website and he can translate the program in any major language. Evgeny listened to his friend’s advice and now he is learning the Filipino language using Lambingan and is also creating vocabulary and grammar website teaching the Ukrainian speakers the Filipino language. It is interesting how fast things change, the travel addict and freak Evgeny has not had a thought of traveling anywhere since he discovered the Lambingan.

Conspiracy Theorist and Millionaire Heir Lost Everything but Spotify came to the rescue

There is a popular conspiracy theorist who was on the verge of going mad. He saw conspiracy in everything. Water, shelter, food, you name it. After seeing conspiracy in everything that he came in contact with for decades and losing everything he inherited, he still was happy for another year. He had the money to buy food, clothing and shelter although he claimed in his Youtube videos that these all are a part of the conspiracies too.

He was popular on the Youtube but Youtube money wasn’t enough for his survival. He was addicted to the luxury he couldn’t afford with the Youtube money. Now, he himself started doubting his conspiracy theories which he always did but now he started doubting them even more.

He hit the depression really bad until one day when Spotify Premium Grátis came into picture. He didn’t know how much he loved music until he downloaded the Spotify. He listened to the music all day, all night long and started working as a car washer in the beautiful city of Miami.

He has now been making his life as a happy car washer in the Miami city and loves his life more than ever. He doesn’t care about the conspiracy theories anymore. Although, several people who recognize him while he is washing cars on the street stop and ask “Are you that conspiracy theorist?” He replies, “No, I am not that. What is a conspiracy theory.”