Writing and selling eBooks cheap is one of the proven methods to make money online

Bobbie Beale is a British author who recently completed writing her third eBook. When I interviewed Bobbie on Skype after reading the book, she told me that it is a part of one of her ways to make money online. The book is on the life of the historical King of Norway – Harald Hardrada.

In her book, Bobbie writes that Harald could have been a far greater emperor if he spent lesser time on the women and alcohol and more on the governance.

Bobbie writes that Harald was a man of great clarity, he knew what he wanted and he would do whatever it took to achieve it.

Bobbie writes that due to his addiction to women, Harald couldn’t keep a check on everything that he needed to.

Bobbie writes that Harald possessed great communication skills and had a great command on his men but he was also a very shy person.

Bobbie criticizes Harald Hardrada by writing that Harald would only come into picture if it were so important that they couldn’t do without him, he was so busy with the women and alcohol otherwise, that’s the foremost reason behind each of his failures as well.

Bobbie writes in her book that she believes that Harald inherited his high libido and fondness for the opposite sex from his mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter, who also happened to be the same.

Bobbie writes that the claim that Harald’s mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter was responsible for killing Harald Grenske so that she could marry the young, virile and vigorous – Sigurd Syr, is a completely fake story.

Bobbie writes that Harald’s first wife – Elisiv of Kiev, was addicted to advancing her knowledge, just like her great-great grandmother – Saint Olga.

Akron’s most popular conspiracy theorist claims that the pharma industries are scared of this one agonist

Frank Medrocillo is a conspiracy theorist from Akron, Ohio, who is mostly interested in the conspiracies going on in the Indian subcontinent region and in the health and pharma industry.

Frank Medrocillo claims that heĀ buy gw-501516 regularly and take it and he has experienced nothing but positive effects with the same. Frank believes that the pharma companies are scared of its magical effects on eliminating many of the weaknesses, disorders and illnesses which the pharma companies feed on and that’s the reason why they are so much scared of the same.

Now, let us come to some of Frank’s political conspiracy theories around the Indian subcontinent. Frank claims that the 3rd ASEAN-Russia summit that took place on the November of 2018 was more of an instruction summit by the KGB to Southeast Asian countries whose chiefs work exclusively for their agendas.

Frank claims to have studied the Indian political and parliamentary structure thoroughly and he has come to the conclusion that the President of India is a puppet of the Prime Minister of India for most of the part. Frank writes on his blog that the constitution of India says that the President of India must be of a sound mind but it has only happened a couple of times that a man with a sound mind was chosen to be the President of the nation of India, one of such Presidents was APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, but generally, they only choose a man of an unsound mind who can be easily controlled by the man who calls all the shots in India – the Prime Minister.

Asnat Gusmao and her popular Youtuber friend got robbed in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Asnat Gusmao (name changed) buys, reads and keeps almost each and every book whose cover she appeals to her. Asmat’s most favorite book of all time is ‘A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories’ by the Punjabi Indian author Khushwant Singh.

Asnat’s pen boyfriend is a Polish man living in Russia with whom Asnat has been chatting for over 5 years now. Asnat and her boyfriend – Szymon have been ensuring each other that they are not dating or seeing anyone else, they claim that they are so much in love that they cannot imagine about being with anyone else.

Asnat is of firm belief that one child-policy must be implemented in each and every Islamic country otherwise the rest of the world will have no other option than to wage a war on these Islamic countries. Asnat has also been volunteering against the burqas, chadars, hijabs and other things that Muslim women wear to hide themselves in the non-Islamic countries. Asnat doesn’t identify herself as a right-winger or a liberal but she hates it when Muslim people get away with forcing their laws and lifestyles upon the rest of the world and they don’t let anyone follow their own lifestyle in their Islamic countries.

Asnat once traveled to Punjab, India with one of her best friends and they were both robbed there in a town called Hoshiarpur by the taxi driver that they were traveling in. Asnat is a Martial Arts champion and it is next to impossible to rob her for a lone man, a bunch of other taxis and their drivers surrounded the taxi that Asnat was traveling in with her friend and that’s when the incident took place, the driver of Asnat’s cab acted like he is innocent and it was all a tragedy but Asnat is a smart woman and she understands it all, Asnat’s best friend is a popular Youtuber who made a 15 minute long video on it which you check here, just click site.

Emma uses and invests all her energy and potential in writing, reading and sports

Emma Amshinov (name changed) is an amateur historian who claims that police existed even in the prehistoric times and the police of those times was incorruptible. Emma claims that only hermaphrodites were eligible for becoming a cop in those days.

Emma claims that there will be a technology in the future that will be able to transform the inhabitants of a city into statues with a mere click. Emma says that the operator of the technology will need the SSNs of all the citizens in order to make this technology work.

Emma is a businesswoman and currently she owns this one business only that manufactures and sells nothing but watercolors. Emma’s business is pretty successful and is responsible for selling over 70 percent of the watercolors in her country.

Emma is an amateur writer too and is one of the most popular contributors to BreitBart, a popular website.

Emma says that she learnt working at the BreitBart that political correctness is a media tactic to keep people engaged in useless political correctness and deflate them from the real issues.

Emma learnt Scientology in the past and she is one of the biggest critics of the Scientology that you will ever meet. Emma says that the Scientology works according to the beliefs and observations of the people with nothing scientific to back them up. Emma says that she has done herself a lot of harm due to the Scientology and to her family too.

Emma used to be a professional athlete in her youth but she was expelled from the games because she was falsely accused of using Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Emma sacrificed all her hobbies in order to raise her children but she still finds it too hard to resist to watch the game of Super Bowl each year.

Aren Tailor is really one mischievous and fun-loving taxi driver in Thailand

Aren Tailor (name changed) is a Thai Happy Taxi driver who has been happily working with them for the past 3 years. Aren has a hobby of chatting with his passengers throughout the way, recently when he was taking this couple from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak, he had the pleasure of knowing several things about their culture, traditions and more. It was a married couple with Muslim-British husband whom we will call Rehman here and Catholic-French wife whom we will call Ava here. On the way, the husband and wife started arguing among themselves as well. Like, when Ava said that Quran is nothing but just a manipulation of Bible, Torah and David’s Book in a new way, Rehman couldn’t answer the question and started screaming that polarization is a media tactic to keep us all indulged in stupid and nonsense thing so that the conglomerate of mainstream media, politicians and industrialists can take advantage of us. Ava replied, “What does the media, politicians or industrialists have to do with the Quran? And how are they going to benefit from polarizing us?”

Aren was enjoying himself thoroughly throughout the way. Aren asked Rehman “Did you study at a Madrasa, sir?” Rehman replied, “Yes, I studied at a Madrasa in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan and came to Southall, England, United Kingdom when I was only 20 to study my Business Program then I fell in love with Ava when I was 21, we were both in the same class, we both married and since then I have been living in the Europe.” Ava’s response to this wasn’t a pleasant one, she replied “This guy married me for a green card not because he had fallen in love with me”.

Aren was too sad when they reached their destination as he was thoroughly enjoying their stories and arguments.

Busy Jewish-American Career Woman getting a hair transplant done next month

Zayit Rosenberg (name changed) is a Jewish-American woman who is very cautious about where to invest her money and time. When disappointed by something, Zayit starts meditating and it sucks up more than half of her days many weekends. Zayit is a workaholic and on the weekends, she gets disappointed by many different things done by her husband and kids to her or themselves. Zayit likes to maintain very high standards and wants her entire family to maintain the same. She wants them to only evolve and become better and don’t waste their precious time at all which they fail to do many times which makes Zayit very disappointed. Zayit used to suffer from mild depression until she learnt about the meditation.

The subject of money is taught at Zayit’s home every weekend. She wants her kids to become experts at making money while becoming better and evolving human beings. Zayit’s husband is quite the opposite, he just believes in enjoying the life and doesn’t care about making money at all. It is nothing less than a miracle how well the couple’s chemistry goes. The reason why Zayit and her husband are together for over 22 years is that Zayit’s husband is a horse in bed. He has the stamina of a freaking horse. When Zayit comes home after a long day of work, highly stressed, Zayit’s husband relaxes and soothes her with his bedroom skills and stamina like nothing else can. No wonder why Zayit doesn’t touches alcohol, cigarettes or any such stuff.

Zayit has lost a lot of hair on her head due to being highly stressed lately and next month she is getting a hair transplant done on her head Tyra Banks style. She researched several hair transplant actors and Tyra Banks’ hairstyle appealed to her the most.