Podiatrist from Ghaziabad loves the LGBT Community and PutLockers Movies

Dr Ashish Rawat is a Podiatrist from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, who claims on his blog that most Podiatrists have very little in common other than their formal educations. He believes that they all have their own beliefs about the right cure, the religious beliefs and its effects on the way they perceive a disorder due to the same. He adds that because of India being a highly religious country and one of the few having people belonging to several different religions, the dissimilarities among different Podiatrists is even higher than it is in most other countries.

After having completed 20 years in practice, Dr Ashish Rawat has come to the conclusion that it is best to keep secretaries belonging to the LGBT community. He claims to have discovered that it is never a good idea to have ugly receptionists at a clinic because they are enough to put the patients off, it is also not a good idea to keep attractive straight male receptionists at a clinic, because attractive looking straight Indian males are hard to come by, especially in India itself, hence, two attractive Indian males that he recruited long ago, would try to find a lover in the attractive female patients sitting in the queue all the time. He was unaware of their deeds both the time for a long while until the husbands of some young and attractive female patients of Dr Ashish Rawat contacted him and told him the entire story. Dr Ashish Rawat fired both the receptionists the very next day.

With attractive straight female receptionists, the story was just the opposite, hungry  and desperate male patients would try to find a lover in those straight female receptionists and that would ruin a lot of their time and also their mood, all the time.

Hence, Dr Ashish Rawat came with the idea of recruiting nothing but good-looking people belonging to the LGBT community, to take care of all such issues that persist a lot in the nation called India.

Dr Ashish Rawat loves to spend time with his friends and family members and one of the things that he most likes to do when he is with them is watching putlockers movies with them.

Toy Store Owner from Mumbai has a Message for Parents having Automatic Gates at Homes in India

Himesh Gangwani owns one of the most popular toy stores in one of the most popular and plushest neighborhoods of the Mumbai city in India. Himesh’s blog is even more popular than his toy store because of the interesting posts that he makes there, mostly regarding toys, toy industry and its future.

Himesh Gangwani recently made a post telling that the current generation of kids has got nothing on its previous generations when it comes to the enthusiasm for the fun toys, but all the previous generations combined have got nothing on the current generation when it comes to the enthusiasm for toys that help them learn things.

Himesh Gangwani claims on his blog that hyperactive kids buy less video games but more toys and vice versa, which is a fact already known by most parents, non-parents and even kids.

Himesh writes on his blog that he really hopes that an average adult would soon love to play with his kids’ toys as much as they like to open and close Automatic Gates in India. Yes, there are more automatic gates in India than a Foreigner could imagine looking at the slums and GDP per capita of India.

Himesh writes on his blog that seeing the revenues, profits and overall success of his toy store, a nearby motel owner has sold his motel and started a toy store in the same neighborhood, only to go bankrupt and curse Himesh. He had no idea that it is not easy to please the kids and their parents simultaneously.

Himesh has a small party each time his store crosses another million in profits, which happens quite frequently. Last time it happened, along with having a party, he got an automatic gate fixed outside his toy store and automatic doors all inside the store.

This New Toy Store in Vigo City is more popular than its neighboring 32 year old competitor because of the right paid advertisement

Bibian Ponte owns a new but popular toy store in one of the most prominent neighborhoods of the city of Vigo in Spain. Her business has been booming since the day it was inaugurated, thanks to the paid advertising (publicidad pagada).

Bibian also got herself a separate domain for a blog, which has a SSL certificate as well. Thanks to the virtual classrooms (aulas virtuales) that she attended for the online marketing before starting her store.

Bibian Ponte claims to have the best-looking employees in any retail store in the city of Vigo on her blog and for making such a claim, she was called arrogant, dumb and also lost a lot of business, which she recovered by publishing ads (publicar anuncios).

Bibian recently posted on her blog about how she once thought about carrying the ‘Hindu Demigods Soft Toys’, looking at the popularity of such toys, but decided not to later on, because she didn’t want to offend the Hindus.

Bibian recently stated on her blog that the sales of Politician Dog Toys has been on a constant rise ever since Boris Johnson became the Prime Minister of England, for which her blog post received a lot of negative comments, which Bibian claims are from the troll accounts belonging to the Conservative Party of England.

Just last week, Bibian announced on her blog that her store will be selling books in the near future and to make an analysis of what kind of response they are going to get regarding the same, they have already started selling office supplies.

Last month, Bibian made a post about how after regaining popularity, the boxer toys are more popular than their Pro-Wrestling counterparts, for the very first time. Bibian also attributes this to the declining popularity of the Pro-Wrestlers, especially since one of her idols – Mr Vince McMahon retired from the job.

This Rome GP recommends his patients to only buy stuff from Prodottogiusto

Dr Glenn Busoni is a General Physician from Rome, Italy, who writes on his blog that the parents must learn that the adult body wash, soaps and shampoos aren’t meant for the kids or babies. He adds that it is a pity that some parents believe that products such as baby shampoos and soaps are mere gimmicks and are no different than the ones for the adult. Dr Glenn has been trying very hard to spread awareness regarding this subject, he recommends the Italians to buy these products from Prodottogiusto as he believes that this is the most trusted website that only sells original products and nothing else.

Dr Glenn writes on his blog that state-of-the-art technology at a doctor’s clinic is extremely important but it has become quite overrated lately. Dr Glenn believes that the expertise of a doctor is far more important than the gadgets at his office and if you come across a doctor who overemphasizes on the state-of-the-art technology that is available at his clinic, you better stay away. Dr Glenn adds that most experienced doctors are well aware of the fact that their patient already know that they have the best of the best at their clinic when it comes to the technology and it is also something that is unethical for a doctor to brag about the state-of-the-art technology at their clinic. Dr Glenn Busoni jokes that some authority should put a ban on a doctor telling about his/her state-of-the-art technology more than a specific time in a day or on their official website.

Dr Glenn Busoni writes on his blog that some patients care more about the physician’s aura than how well he/she treats them and most of the time it doesn’t work in the favor of the patient but it works great in the favor of the doctor though. Dr Glenn adds that it definitely doesn’t work in the favor of the medical field as the doctors get upset by this kind of things happening around which ultimately leads to chaos in the medical arena.

Dnipro’s popular stationery store owner trusts none other than Daikin when it comes to the Air Conditioners

Tamara Brezhnava owns a stationery store in one of the most popular neighborhoods of the Dnipro city in Ukraine. The biggest specialty of Tamara’s store is selling custom rubber stamps.

Tamara Brezhnava claims to be the most passionate stationery store owner in the entire nation of Ukraine. She says that her passion is not limited to her business but other things as well, including swimming, horseriding and wrestling.

Tamara says that she has been able to save a lot of time and money since she got recommended Daikin for air conditioners at her store and house. She says that before she started using Daikin, she always used to be troubled with the issues regarding her air conditioners all the time. She used to spend a lot of time, money in getting those repaired and it was a lot of distraction from her personal and business life. Tamara writes on her blog that she only hopes better for her personal business and the office supply industry in general with the constantly improving technology.

Tamara’s store guarantees delivery within 3 days and it wasn’t long ago until she kept receiving complains regarding the late delivery on the phone, on Google Places, almost everywhere due to her store not being punctual and quick when it came to the delivery but Tamara really took great care of the issue with her hard-work, dedication and smarts.

Tamara brags that the major retail tycoons (both from the Ukraine and other nations), haven’t been able to shake her business at all but instead the opposite has happened. Tamara claims to have made all the major stores disappear from her neighborhood as they weren’t able to offer what Tamara’s store does and that includes friendliness, warmth and custom responses.

This plant nursery in Lier is such a refreshing place to be at that some daily take a taxi all the way from Antwerp to visit it

Peter Bahi owns one of the most popular plant nurseries in Lier, Belgium, who writes on his book that some people are so addicted to buying plants that they visit his nursery all the way from Antwerp to Lier everyday, using taxi antwerpen.

Peter also writes on his blog that many plant freak couples come to his nursery instead of going to a pub, movie or elsewhere, for the reason that Peter has kept his nursery such a cool and refreshing place to be at.

Peter claims on his blog that only those that are passionate about plants can survive in the business. He writes that many large corporations and landlords that had no passion about the business tried their luck with no experience but a lot of money but they all failed. Peter is happy that they failed and says that it is a signal from the nature that nature is far superior to the money.

Peter writes on his blog that he sometimes has to work as long as 21 hours a day. He says that watching Indian mystic Sadhguru’s video where he mentioned that at one point of time in his life he used to sleep for only 3 hours a day really motivated Peter to go on like that and he also claims that he has watched the same video at least 100 times.

Cuban restaurant owner from Antwerp congratulates Stad Taxi on such a grand success of theirs

Juan Manzano owns a Cuban restaurant in the city of Antwerp that only uses Surti buffalo’s beef from a particular Animal Husbandry in Indonesia for their delicious and popular Ropa Vieja, Shredded Beef and Nom Cuban Beef.

Juan lived in Florida for over 10 years and claims to have tried Cuban food at each and every restaurant there, he says that no Cuban restaurant in the entire Florida can compete with his own.

Juan writes on his blog that for the first time, beef has become more popular at the Cuban restaurants around the world than the pork. Juan writes that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the duck becomes the most popular served form of food after a while at the Cuban restaurants around the world, just like Stad Taxi has become the most popular taxi antwerpen lately.

Juan’s restaurant is extremely popular with the homosexuals and that sometimes even serves as the negative for the business.

Juan writes that the customers of today are more focused about the health than the taste and hence using the best quality beef is quite inevitable.

Juan claims that his is going to be the first Cuban restaurant in all of Indonesia that will have chefs from all Havana, Cuba.

Juan has mentioned more than a couple of times that it is in his blood to own and operate a restaurant. Juan’s grandfather established an Indonesian restaurant in the early 1960s but it failed drastically. Juan wishes all the time if his grandfather were still alive to see Juan running a very popular Cuban restaurant in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

Maud read Mandino as Mandingo and wrote an article about it while she was in Crete, Greece

Maud Underwood (name changed) is an advocate by profession who has read and done tons of research on the Shariah Law, Maud called Shariah a ‘cancer’ in one of her blog posts and asked for the ban of Shariah of any sort in Greece.

Maud drinks a lot of vodka and once while intoxicated at her favorite island called Crete, she was looking for a book on the Amazon, she came across the author OG Mandino’s books but wrongly read his name as OG Mandingo and immediately wrote a stupid post on her blog claiming that the popular black male pornstar Mandingo is an author as well and this is a proof that well-endowed men are more creative than the ones who are not.

Maud claims that she has read all the verses of the Quran and the Bible, she calls both these books as the largest compilations of broscience. Maud says that if you can believe that the earth is flat, you can also believe that Vladimir Putin is the god and his daughter is the reincarnation of virgin Mary.

Maud is totally against the pro-pedophile groups and she says that governments are stupid enough to tolerate these guys. Maud says that these guys must be stoned to death.

Maud says that she has done an extensive research on the eugenics and she has come to a conclusion that Iranian and Spanish hybrid kids are extremely sexual. She gave the example of Sarah Shahi (Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi) – an American actress from Texas saying that she saw her hanging around with 3 guys during her trip to Miami.

Maud doesn’t love anything more than a tour of Crete and she always hires the same car rental Crete Heraklion airport service each time during her trip there.

Ruth Taylor bought a new villa with that NATO money and now getting it renovated

Ruth Taylor (name changed) lived in Afghanistan for 8 years. Her husband is in the NATO army and she was paid millions of dollars to be disposed to the Afghanistan and work as a translator. Yes, Ruth has a natural gift of learning new languages really fast whether it be a programming language or a linguistic. Ruth learnt the Pashto language and it took her only 6 months to be fluent in the same. After learning the language, Ruth was all ready to move to the Afghanistan so that she can accompany her husband, have some adventure and make millions as well.

Ruth got to know a lot about the Afghanistan and most of the time she worked as a translator with an Aghanistani tribal chief who helped the NATO a lot in their task.

Anyways, Ruth is back and with the millions that she received working as a translator in Afghanistan, she just bought a new villa in the Newmarket, Ontario. The villa is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and as soon as it is done, Ruth will move there.

Ruth has went back to the IT company that she used to work as a programmer for before moving to Afghanistan 8 years back.

In the free time, Ruth has been writing books on several different topics including a book on the infamous Dr. Phil whom Ruth calls one of the biggest hypocrite, fake and fraudulent persons of all time. Ruth accuses Dr Phil of running a fake program and she says that the contestants that appear on Dr Phil’s show are either paid struggling actors or homeless people who would do whatever Dr Phil ask them for money. Ruth says that none of the Dr Phil’s success stories is a real success story, it is all scripted and Dr Phil is making a fool out of the stupid Americans.

This young catholic couple wants to have dozens of babies after getting married

Luca Tellus (name changed) is a businesswoman who owns a small bridal gown store in Downtown, Miami. She replies almost instantly to all the business queries that she receives but she replies even faster to the messages of her fiance.

Luca likes to think of herself as Eve and her fiance – Tyler as Adam. Luca has traveled almost all of the world and all of the Middle East and Maghreb region. Luca claims that the Adam and Eve lived somewhere in Nile Delta.

Luca’s fiance – Tyler is a strict catholic who believes that religious education is more important than the formal education. Tyler is against birth-control methods and Luca is perfectly okay with it, she herself wants to be the mother of as many healthy babies as possible. It goes without saying that Tyler is against the democrats but he is also against the republicans and any other political party in the United States. Tyler says that both republicans and democrats are hypocrites. According to Tyler, the republicans are not republicans and democrats are not democrats.

Luca and Tyler are yet to decide their wedding date and they don’t even know what kind of wedding venue are they going to choose, although Luca has been reading several posts on the blogs and forums dedicated to choosing wedding venues in Florida, especially Miami but she hasn’t taken the first step yet.

Tyler claims that he has successfully converted over 300 atheists, agnostics, pantheists, apatheists, Sunni Muslims and protestants to Catholicism and he will continue doing the same until the day he can breathe. Tyler says that he is a chaste virgin and not going to break this commandment of god at any cost.

Amateur Historian writes a lot about Southeast Asia instead of trying to lose weight during that time, he folds Christmas Origami a lot too

John Lorenzo (name changed) is an amateur historian who says that Khmer people are originally Muslim Arabs, not some Chinese or Mongol tribe. He also claims that Khmer people never came to Cambodia in the 5th century but rather the 9th century. He says that Arabs had no enthusiasm in them before Islam to go and invade any place.

John has read a lot of history related to the Southeast Asia, he claims that the Mahabharata’s Kishkinda wasn’t in Karnataka but in Andhra Pradesh instead.

John says that Mao Zedong was a womanizer and he became a revolutionary to attract as many women as possible which he did after becoming successful.

John also claims that Muslims edited Kautilya’s Arthashastra and it was much more vast than what it is today before the Muslims edited it.

About the Kamboja people of Indian subcontinent, John Lorenzo claims that they were never a royal tribe but they were a horse breeder and cavalry seller tribe. They are mistaken for being royal by some ignorant people and the people who want to impress the Kamboja people for some purpose.

About the midget ‘Bonne‘ people that the ancient Indians refer to in their ancient texts, John Lorenzo says that they were a Chinese tribe whom the ancient North Indian people mistook for a distinct breed of humans.

John says that Uzbekistan used to be a part of ancient India but about 6000 years ago some nomadic tribes came in there and settled forever.

John weighs 235 pounds and he is only 5 feet 9 inches tall, he has been trying his best to lose weight, somebody needs to tell him that you cannot lose weight by folding Origami Christmas.

Get lucky with lucky day and enjoy baiao de dois at a fancy Fortaleza restaurant

Hodaya Ephron (name changed) is a Brazilian lady who was born in the coastal city of Natal, raised up in the coastal city called Campinas and moved to Recife, another coastal city after growing up.

Hodaya believes any and every myth that she reads on the internet including the one that says don’t carry anything eatable in or on anything plastic. She doesn’t even use a microwave oven.

Fortunately enough, the subject of money was taught to Hodaya at her home. She always lived in an upper-class neighborhood no matter which city she lived in. Whether it be the city of Natal, Campinas or Recife she lived in, she always lived and surround herself with the positive people and that is something she learnt from her parents as well to only surround yourself with positive people and stay away from the negative ones.

One of the lessons that Hodaya learnt while living in rich neighborhoods all her life was to always have an optimistic view of life. This view recently brought one of the greatest financial upward slope in Hodaya’s life when she won 1.5 Brazilian Reals in the game of dia de sorte (lucky day).

Hodaya already didn’t lack anything in her life that she desires financially. She has put that money into her bank account for the future use but the happiness that winning the game brought about in Hodaya’s life is impeccable.

Hodaya told me all this while having a popular dish called baiao de dois at one of the popular Fortaleza restaurants with me. Yes, I love to travel to Brazil.

Taxi Driver turned luxury taxi company owner

Gabriel is a 28 year young man who is running his own luxury taxi company in the beautiful city of Recife. Gabriel wasn’t always so rich. Gabriel himself used to drive a taxi at a taxi company in Sao Paulo. He used to drive a luxury bombproof Chevy back then.

Gabriel is also a small philanthropist. Gabriel always wanted to be a multi-millionaire philanthropist with style.

Gabriel did like working as the driver, he was one of the most friendly drivers you have never seen. He has a great sense of humor too. He would make all his passengers laugh. Both the foreigners and the local Portuguese speaking ones. Gabriel was one of those rare taxi drivers in Brazil that speak fluent English.

When Gabriel wasn’t busy driving taxi, he was either with his family or watching the tele sena draw shows all alone. After watching the television draw shows, he would always wonder how can he be one of the winners. He would sometimes become envious of the winners and think he cannot make that much amount of money in 100 years working as a taxi driver.

Gabriel started buying tickets for the draw too. He didn’t become a lottery buff like most would imagine, but he was buying the tickets regularly, mostly it was on the weekends.

Gabriel got lucky indeed. Perhaps it was the good karma that he brought with providing extraordinary services to the passengers and making them laugh all way long. Gabriel won 12 million Brazilian Real. All his family was so excited and told Gabriel to do whatever he wants to do with the money he won.

Gabriel decided that he will start a luxury taxi business with the money. Gabriel’s faith in God has been increased since then and he is even a better human being now.

Bartender rents her gorgeous luxury bridal dress

Phuong is a bartender at a top bar in Hanoi city. Even with all the tips and salary that Phuong gets, it becomes very difficult for Phuong sometimes to live the life she wants to. Phuong is getting married in the December of this year to a gentleman she met in the bar she works at.

The gentleman she is getting married to is very rich and he wanted to buy Phuong one of the most expensive wedding dresses in the market, but Phuong preferred thuê áo cưới. Phuong has a great self-esteem and she doesn’t want her husband to spend a penny on her. This self-esteem of Phuong for herself is what drove her fiance crazy for her.

Phuong also doesn’t take any tips until and unless the tip-giver does it with head bowed down. She straight away rejects the tips if you give the tip to her with arrogance or with attitude.

Phuong’s husband owns about 8 mansions and 3 penthouses and he wants to enjoy the honeymoon at his own mansion in the stunning coastal city of Phan Thiet. Phuong wants to go to Malta for the same. We know that in the end it is only Phuong who is going to win.

Her husband has also bought lots of lingeries and hot dresses already for Phuong to wear for him. He was too shy to visit a lingerie store, so he ordered them all online. He knows what size she wears, so we really hope that most of the lingeries will fit her.

Phuong says that she wants to continue her job even after getting married to one of the richest men in the country of Vietnam. Her husband is confused whether to allow her to work at someone else’s bar as a bartender or not.

You can make more money with door installation service with this one trick

Belenky brothers have been running a door installation service in the city of Denver, Colorado for over 9 years now. Belenky brothers are fantastic at what they do and anybody who has called them once calls them over and over again. Belenky brothers deserved a lot more. Door installation is something that you get done once in a while and even though the brothers had a great reputation among their regular clients and got most of their business through word of mouth. Even their regular clients would call them once after years. Many would lose their contact details and will have no other option than calling someone else.

Even after having so many regular clients, Belenky Brothers were finding it hard to survive in the business. They loved installing the doors and they loved to see their clients happy, but they also loved their family and needed to do something that would take care of their financial needs. Belenky Brothers’ competitors were doing better than them even though their service wasn’t as good as the brothers’. Their competitors had more money to invest in advertisements and promotions while the brothers didn’t.

 The younger Belenky Brother (Phil) suggested that a gimmick which is also full of utility might help them and he even proposed the idea of reaching your home within 4 hours. The older Belenky Brother (Alex) was impressed with the idea but he said “Look at the speed limits”. Phil told him that there is a thing called radar detector which they can use for their good. Alex told him that he never heard of some such thing before. Phil explained him all about the radar detectors. Alex said “Are you sure, they won’t get us in any trouble? Are they reliable?”

Phil said “Don’t worry.” They bought a radar detector with the advice of get10best and mentioned on their visiting cards, their website, their board, everywhere that they guarantee a visit within 4 hours. Within 6 months of that, their revenues have tripled.