Nephrologist from Bogor, Indonesia has Retired from her Practice to pursue a Career in Online Marketing

Dr Nadia Afzal is a Nephrologist from Bogor, Indonesia, who claims on her blog that in 50% of the patients with proteinuria which was mainly caused by protein supplements, the condition doesn’t go away after they stop taking such supplements, but in the case of those patients, where the condition is mainly caused due to taking too much protein in the natural foods, it goes away in about 88-92% of the cases, which just shows that people shouldn’t substitute the natural diet with supplements.

Dr Nadia claims that those interested in Taoism and/or Traditional Chinese Medicine, more popularly known as TCM, have a much higher rate of glomerulonephritis than those who aren’t interested in TCM or Taoism. Dr Nadia added that she has been trying to look for the reasons behind it, but has been unsuccessful so far.

Dr Nadia Afzal claims that a secret group of Israeli scientists and doctors believes that a human being can become immortal and stay eternally young if their original kidneys stay 100% healthy. Dr Nadia Afzal claims that this group has been keeping its work a secret. Only the Mossad, top Israeli Government Officials and few top Nephrpologists, mostly from Israel, know about this.

Dr Nadia Afzal claims that Roman Catholics have a much larger number of Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (HUS) than people belonging to any other religious group and even the non-religious ones, namely, atheists, agnostics, pantheists, etc.

Dr Nadia Afzal recently announced on her blog that she will be taking an off from her medical practice for a while because she has gotten extremely bored of the ‘Kidneys’ and ‘The Urinary System’ lately and she is going to replace it with online business for some time and for that very reason, she has been checking out different sorts of online marketing related tutorial blog for months.

Neurologist from Muar recommends making money online to unemployed but hard-working and smart immigrants

Dr Raja Wawa is a Neurologist from Muar, Malaysia, who first didn’t believe that drinking probiotics could help the human brain in any case but now claims to have discovered for himself that the ones who drink those regularly are far less likely to get any chronic neurological disease.

Dr Raja Wawa writes on his official blog that diabetes is the root cause for many neurological issues which the field of neurology hasn’t been taking as seriously into consideration as they should.

Dr Raja Wawa claims on his blog that most of the temporal lobe epilepsy occurs when both the males and females are away from their sexual counterparts, hence temporal lobe epilepsy is mostly caused by sexual withdrawal, especially in the males and females that have it very frequently.

Dr Raja writes on his blog that he wasn’t aware of it lately that certain religious sects believe that getting your kids treated on certain days of the week brings bad luck.

Dr Raja says that it is nonsense that the memory power of the current and upcoming generation is lower than its predecessors.

Dr Raja claims that insomnia is far worse among the immigrant Malaysians than their non-immigrant counterparts. Dr Raja claims to have told several of those immigrants to buat duit online and change their lives.

Dr Raja claims on his blog that coffee and tea drinkers are more used to repetitive behaviors than their non-drinker counterparts.

Dr Raja Wawa claims that real estate agents are some of the most depressed people, especially since the recent recession in the real estate industry, they have become very vulnerable to the bipolar disorder.

Choose your Apple watch and Orthopedic Surgeon wisely

Do you believe that when the emperor Sviatopolk I of Kiev murdered his brothers, he took it as a great accomplishment? Do you believe that Sviatopolk I of Kiev was like a messiah for the mughal emperors that committed fratricide? If you do, then you might also believe that the Apple Watch 5 is going to solve all your problems. Well, you are not alone, even some of the most popular and intelligent orthopedic surgeons like Dr Greg Griffin are with you, who took a day off from his practice just so that he could learn how to operate his Apple Watch 5.

Dr Greg Griffin has always been unusual, interesting and controversial, especially on his practice’s official blog. In his most recent blog post read, he advised the fellow doctors to never recruit a receptionist with a sexy voice. He claims that first those receptionists with a sexy voice get trolled hard and ultimately, your practice gets ruined and many times sees its last days.

Dr Greg Griffin claims that the greatest measure of an orthopedic surgeon is how well he treats the spinal injuries.

Dr Greg Griffin claims to have been working on inventing a medicine that will prevent spinal cord compression due to aging. Dr Greg Griffin believes that most likely it will be a vaccine.

Dr Greg Griffin writes that since the patients can now read reviews on Google Places and other places for a medical practitioner, more orthopedic surgeons lose their practice to rude assistants more than anything else.

The footnote of Dr Greg Griffin’s Orthopedic Practice’s Website reads “Choose your orthopedic surgeon wisely, choose Dr Greg Griffin.”

Davao city’s Urologist knows how to save money, his cheap Windows 10 key is just one example

Dr Matthew Cole is an urologist from the Davao city, Philippines who claims on his blog that the urologists that have on-site labs are 200% more popular compared to the ones that don’t and it has been proven time and again.

Dr Matthew claims that drinking coffee increases the risk of kidney, bladder and prostate cancer, although there are not many studies available that prove the same, but who needs many proven studies when you read something written personally by Dr Matthew Cole on his personal blog written using his laptop that uses cheap windows 10  key.

Dr Matthew Cole claims to have had the most funny case of his career recently, a mosquito flew inside the penis of a patient when he was sleeping naked, the patient had to go through the medication for kidney stones that made him pee like a firehose all the time, it didn’t work at all, then the mosquito had to be taken out by a urinary tract surgery.

Dr Matthew has mentioned more than once on his blog that you are better off visiting a cosmetic surgeon if you need a penile implant, and you should never get it done through an urologist, although most of the certified urologists are open to penile implants.

Dr Matthew claims that vasectomies aren’t as popular as they once used to be anymore. He further adds that vasectomy reversal has gone more popular on the other hand though.

Dr Matthew Cole agrees with the popular Dr Lawrence Wilson’s claim that we can know more about a patient’s health through his/her hair than his/her urine.

Panbanisha has definitely learnt the words faster than Kanzi but many of her viral videos are an art of deepfake

I have a scientist friend who has been working on creating vocal structures for apes that will let them speak just like us human beings. I don’t know whether he is going to be a success or not but I really believe that the evolutionists should donate a lot of money to people like Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh and organizations like Ape Cognition and Conservative Initiative (ACCI), to get rid of the most evil thing ever invented by the mankind which goes by the name religion. I personally believe that these Bonobos can evolve really well and fast. I believe that they can evolve really faster than us with all the technology that us human beings have which can help them in this effort.

But some people are misusing this technology. Some deepfakes freaks are making the videos of Kanzi, Panbanisha, Matata, Koko the Gorilla and other apes talking to each other and humans viral. All these videos are fake and although a very few apes have been able to mimic the human speech, none of those has ever been able to mimic us so perfectly like shown on those deepfake videos.

I personally believe that feeding apes with tea and coffee is extremely harmful and abusive and Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh must be prohibited from doing so.

If you know about Kanzi, then you must be aware of Panbanisha as well. I believe that one of the reasons why Panbanisha showed a greater capability to learn the language than any other Bonobo is her mother Matata who was already well versed in many words by the time birth of Panbanisha took place. It proves that evolution takes place even among the apes.

Sayulita born neurosurgeon can now convey his interesting brain health messages to English speaking audience

Dr Ricardo Diaz is a neurosurgeon from the city of Tijuana in Mexico. Dr Diaz was born and raised in the Sayulita village in Mexico but moved to the Mexico city to complete his higher education. Dr Diaz never spoke fluent English until he came across koe mexico last year. Now, Dr Diaz created an additional official website for his practice in the English language using WordPress, all by himself and he also regularly writes blog posts there that are second to none in terms of fluency in the English language and are very interesting and informative as well.

Dr Ricardo Diaz writes on his blog that many neurosurgeons are now always in a hurry to perform temporal lobectomy for the patients with seizures, which he believes is completely unfair because it involves the resection of the temporal lobe which according to him has a great importance and shouldn’t be resected until and unless there is no other way to get rid of the seizures. Dr Ricardo also believes that several products that are available in the market freely are responsible for creating these seizures and they include aspartame containing drinks like Diet Coca Cola, Energy Drinks and many others. Dr Ricardo claims that Red Bull is the most dangerous energy drink that is available in the market today, because he claims that it contains amphetamine along with aspartame which is a lethal combination. Dr Ricardo claims that most of the governments are sold out and they will not do anything about it as long as they are being paid millions by the Red Bull owners.

Dr Ricardo claims that he has been working on finding different better permanent cures for the seizures and hopefully, he will be able to find some soon enough.

Are Apple Security Issues a part of the New World Order? Only Cosmetic Surgeon Jeremiah Pena can answer this

Dr Jeremiah Pena is a Cosmetic Surgeon who was born, raised and completed his education in Dallas, Texas. Dr Jeremiah is very outspoken as well and the evidence of this is that the blog on his practice’s official website is full of controversial posts, but his controversial posts do not make him an inattentive doctor with a negative attitude.

Dr Jeremiah tells on his blog to not trust any home remedy or cream that they sell in the marketplace to get rid of the wrinkles, lines around the eyes or smile/frown lines, only Botox can help you in such a situation.

Dr Jeremiah believes that DYSPORT is the most underrated and under-recommended wrinkle relaxer presently.

Dr Jeremiah says on his blog that patients really appreciate personal calls/Whatsapp messages or/and SMS post-procedure, a good doctor must make sure to do it if she/he can. Dr Jeremiah himself doesn’t use any Apple device or application, due to Apple Security Issues and that’s the reason why he claims to have never used iMessage.

Dr Jeremiah also advises that if you are going for the Botox, choose only the most expensive one and make sure to see the samples before and the pictures of some celebrities that have got the same done on themselves through the same surgeon. He also advises to make sure that you choose the procedure that lasts as long as possible. Some people that are rookie to things like Botox, choose the procedure that lasts only 30-60 days only to regret it later.

Dr Jeremiah believes that the surgeon that uses nothing but the latest procedures and technology may not always be the best and he has also cited many examples on his blog regarding this to prove his point.

Successful General Practitioner from Lexington uses this one website only to order textbooks for his children

Dr Dennis Surnow is a general practitioner who has been practicing in Lexington, Kentucky for the past 11 years. Dr Dennis is notorious for writing posts related to the medical field on his practice’s blog.

Dr Dennis  claims that the patients have become smart enough now and with the Google Places and other websites where the patients can post a review for you, it has now become next to impossible to extort money from the patients through unnecessary tests and investigation and the ones who do, have no future and are bound to struggle to make enough money even for their survival.

Dr Dennis Surnow  recently wrote on his blog a lengthy post about how he has been providing free self service coffee in the reception area since the day of his clinic’s inception.

Dr Dennis claims that first come first serve has proven to be the best way for a general practitioner time and again. Dr Dennis claims that he knows several general practitioners personally that tried the appointment method only to give up on the same soon enough.

After reading reviews for general practitioners from across the globe on Google Places, Dr Dennis wrote on his blog that it becomes extremely hard for a general practitioner to check how the receptionist(s) is/are behaving with the patients. Dr Dennis says that already doctors in the USA find it extraordinarily hard to keep up with everything and now many patients are overly concerned with how the receptionist(s) in the clinic behave with them. Dr Dennis claims that many of the times it is the patient’s fault and they claim that is was the receptionist who initiated it and sometimes they accuse the receptionist(s) for the things they never did. Dr Dennis Surnow really hopes that some new technology soon takes the place of the receptionist(s) so that the general practitioners around the world can get relief from this issue.

Dr Dennis may be a rich and successful gentleman, but he prefers to save each and every penny that he can and that’s the reason why he chooses nothing but College Student Textbooks when it comes to getting some textbooks for his children’s education.

Urologist from Mexico city is astonished with the great hosting service provided by tuHost

Dr Ramon Aburto is one the most popular urologist from the Mexico city. Dr Ramon recently started a blog completely dedicated to urology and he was astonished by the hosting service (servicio de hosting) provided by tuHost.

Dr Ramon claims on his blog that never before the urologists saw a greater number of patients that only come to get treated for issues related to fertility and sexual dysfunction. Dr Ramon believes that it is due to the growing culture of free internet high speed high definition porn.

Dr Ramon tells on his blog that most of the patients that go through vasectomy only to regret it later. Dr Ramon claims that the vasectomy reversal specialists have been making more than the vasectomy specialists as they charge much higher and are very much in demand because there are very few of those. Dr Ramon claims that vasectomy is a more advanced job which requires far greater experience, knowledge and expertise.

Dr Ramon claims that the most advanced of the urologists sometimes fail to do a proper vasectomy reversal and hence you must choose one with great recommendations in this regard and always confirm that the person who recommended you a specific urologist wasn’t lying or bragging about his experience with the urologist.

Dr Ramon says that a lot of old and middle-aged veterans that lost both their testicles during different wars come to him and ask if something can be done regarding their fertility; He says that many of them start crying in his clinic itself the moment they heard the word ‘No’. Dr Ramon says that it has made him cry along the patient a few times as well.

Dr Ramon believes that the revolution that happened in the field of UTIs recently is really overlooked and they are not putting much emphasis on the achievement of the doctors that did it, neither are the doctors interested in taking any credit for the same.

Successful podiatrist from Louisville has only been using one particular t-shirt store for all her t-shirt needs

Gloria Mullen is a successful podiatrist from the city of Louisville, Kentucky who has practicing podiatry for the past 15 years. Gloria has been very generous, charitable and believes in social welfare since she was a child and for the past 9 years, she has maintained a podiatry help blog aimed at the welfare for the people having foot related problems.

On her blog, Gloria says that a patient must never trust a podiatrist that walks around the streets or come to his practice wearing fancy Hawaiian shirts with a note that she is serious about it and many of these podiatrists have a fake degree as well.

Gloria says that is a pity that many patients still do not trust female podiatrists as much as they do their male counterparts. Gloria claims that podiatrists who don’t even have a quarter of her experience are making a lavish living whereas it took her 10 years to make a name for herself. Gloria really hopes that the things get better with time.

Gloria is not an advocate or fan of homeopathy, ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine but one incident really changed her view. Gloria came across this multilingual podiatrist one who was very open-minded and valued ancient cures as well. Gloria says that he spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese and would cure patients with side-effect free Chinese herbs for minor issues. Gloria also says that he may not be the most successful, rich or popular podiatrist that she ever met but he definitely made a mark on Gloria bigger than any other.

Gloria warns that one must not trust a podiatrist that tries to market himself/herself very hard. Gloria likes to give example of an online T-shirt company – Nexus Tees Shop to prove her point that in order to become successful, you don’t need to try to market yourself very hard if your product is extremely great just like in the case of Nexus Tees Shop. Gloria says that she stumbled upon Nexus Tees Shop by an accident and since then she has never used any other.

Sir Isaac Newton didn’t hate farming, he felt that he was too good for the same

Like many of you science freaks, I am a great admirer of Sir Isaac Newton and I can say with certainty that Isaac Newton never suffered a nervous breakdown after his friendship came to an end with the Swiss Mathematician – Nicolas Fatio de Duillier but it is a conspiracy against him to portray him as a homosexual. Many of the admirers of Isaac Newton whom I personally know do so in order to portray Isaac Newton as a great friend and human being along with being a great genius. I personally believe that Isaac Newton was too strong a human being to have a nervous breakdown due to any event and the breakup of his friendship with the Swiss Mathematician Nicolas Fatio de Duillier is a very petty event for such a task.

I have studied every piece that I could find about Nicolas Fatio de Duillier and Isaac Newton’s friendship. I personally believe that the friendship between Nicolas Fatio de Duillier and Isaac Newton deteriorated because of their differing religious views; Yes, their differing scientific views were definitely a part of their friendship getting broken but the main and vital role was played by their differing religious views.

I also believe that many of the scientists could have surpassed Sir Isaac Newton if they followed chastity just like himself. There is no denying that the greatness of Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and Stephen Hawking is their practice of chastity. Even involuntarily celibacy/chastity can provide you with huge rewards and Stephen Hawking is just one example.

Another personal observation about Isaac Newton that I made is that he didn’t hate farming but he felt that he was too good for the same.

Pharmacologist has been working day and night to find unknown ways to calculate the molarity of a solution

Dayna Cooksey is a pharmacologist who also runs a science related blog. Dayna says that French are to the chemistry what British are to the parliamentary democracy.

Dayna recalls how she used to listen to one of Blondie’s most popular songs of all time – ‘Atomic’ while studying atoms after coming back home from the school. Dayna was more than glad when her favorite song ‘Atomic’ by Blondie was featured in the GTA Vice City.

Dayna also laughs at the fact that how she used to doubt that the French chemist – Gay Lussac was called so because he was a homosexual and that was the time when Dayna recently discovered what homosexuality really is.

Dayna believes that the scientists should give up the hope that they are going to find water on another planet and they should rather focus on creating chemical water instead.

Dayna wonders why it is only recently that the field of science has progressed so much but in the past it was almost nothing. Dayna is confused whether our brains and minds weren’t equipped enough to understand the science as much or it is because just like money makes more money, scientific knowledge also multiplies.

Dayna believes that ‘Dalton’s Atomic Theory’ has been the greatest revolution in the history of science. Dayna believes that if Dalton would have been alive today, he would have modified his atomic theory for better to create the ultimate modern atomic theory.

Dayna claims molarity of a solution can be calculated in different ways that the scientists haven’t discovered yet but Dayna has been working day and night to find the same. Dayna says that she will not stop until she finds out a new and more simplistic way to find the molarity of a solution and it will also act as the gateway to make Dayna’s name immortal in the world of scientific history. Dayna has been reading several different books day and night to achieve her mission, just last night she downloaded the Nivaldo’s Introductory Chemistry 5th edition PDF as well.

Finally an app that can tell you whether you should buy a petrol or diesel car

Kotara Bano (name changed) has always been a great critic of Jay Leno and almost everything that he does. Kotara finds 1972 Mercedes Benz 600 Kompressor car of Jay Leno and his video about it more stupid than 99.99% of the things on earth. Kotara asks the point of spending millions of dollars on an old garbage which can even cut your finger while you close that boot. Kotara says that if Jay Leno spends half of the money that he spent on those stupid vintage and classic cars for giving employment to the unemployed people he could have made a lot of money, could get 100 times more happiness and also would have increased his fan following. Kotara used to be a subscriber of Jay Leno’s Youtube channel until she saw those videos of his where he is bragging about knowing cars so much and driving those stupid old cars which are good for nothing, drink so much of precious fuel and pollute the air at least 4 times as much as the modern cars.

Kotara has recently launched an app which will help you select the most perfect tyres for your vehicle and also tell you whether you should buy a petrol or diesel vehicle. Kotara couldn’t have created this app without the help on Indonesian ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios). Kotara is a lawyer by profession and there is no way that she could figure out how to create an app with her busy schedule, she is a mother of 2 young kids and she rarely gets enough time to do anything new, like a couple of days in a year and those couple of days are also when she doesn’t have a meeting and her kids are having a flu.

Leading archaeologist’s daughter doing a great job of saving the environment with an android app

Nadia Agra (name changed) is a daughter of one of the world’s leading archaeologists, an archaeologist who has accomplished more than any other archaeologist of the world. Nadia’s dad’s favorite pastime is  making fun of a fellow Hindu archaeologist, a man who is of great accomplishment and recognition himself but he looks like a living meme when he attributes his success to the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and all the different Vedas including Rig Vedas and others.

Nadia Agra’s grandfather used to be a strict catholic who donated several million dollars to the biblical scholars before his death. He used to be a regular guest at one of the catholic TV programs which used to be shot in his own state. He was very worried during the 1960s about even worse hyper-sexualization in the future.

Nadia says that most of the historical figures that we read and study about were hypocrites including some mentioned in the Michael Hart’s top 100. Nadia is not critical of Michael Hart’s top 100, she says that any other historian or scholar perhaps could not have been able to create a chronology as good as Michael Hart.

Nadia claims that another scientist much before Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. Nadia says that the scientist who discovered the theory of relativity died and his family, friends or any relative had no idea what he was up to, accidentally, Einstein – a scientist by profession found the theory of relativity written by him and took all the credit.

Nadia has herself been walking the talk of improving the world. She recently got an android application created by the topmost Indonesian android application creation services company (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) that has been serving a great purpose of saving the environment.

Choose only the best when it comes to getting a hair transplant done! Don’t be a scrooge!

Mehmet Saifi (name changed) owns the most popular clothing store in the most popular shopping mall of Turkish city called Sivas.

Mehmet loves everything with style, class and flair, be it the Linda Lewis’ popular song ‘Class Style (I’ve got it) or his own wife (Diya) who belongs to the Indian Rajput (royal) community. Mehmet’s wife is a stunning beauty with the intelligence of Stephen Hawkins. One strange ritual of the Indian Rajput community is that they never allow widow remarriage.

Diya didn’t need any sort of adaptation to mix into the Turkish culture. She was born in the capital of Rajasthan state of India, i.e. Jaipur but raised up in Lund, Sweden. Diya met Mehmet while pursuing higher studies in London, England.

Diya only believes in everything natural. She doesn’t take health or food supplements of any kind and prefers to stay natural when most of her friends have got breast implants done on them. Diya is naturally voluptuous but some of her friends who even possess a more voluptuous and more beautiful body than Diya went for the breast implants while Diya didn’t even give it a second thought.

Diya is always delighted to meet new people. She recently met this ex-girlfriend of Mehmet Saifi who told Diya that she got FUE Hair Transplant Scars after getting the procedure done. She went for a cheaper doctor instead of the most popular and one of the best doctor in town who is popular with the name Dr T. Dr T would have recommended FUT hair transplant procedure to her instead.

This ex-girlfriend of Mehmet is the perfect example of how being scrooge and trying to save some bucks can cost you so much.