Bayu Angora is perhaps the fastest growing Indonesian freethinker at the moment

Respati Brahmana is a freethinker Indonesia blogger from the city of East Jakarta. Respati has always been a huge critic of Bertrand Russell and his philosophy and has been writing a book on him now. Respati has published some of the excerpts that he has included in his book, here are some of those:-

Respati claims that if Bertrand Russell wasn’t born in a prominent aristocratic family, he would have been just another guy and he claims not to be the first one person to say it, he claims that several people before him have mentioned so but he hasn’t named any of those in his books which is quite strange.

Respati has used the term – “Jack of all trades but master of none”, for Bertrand Russell and he claims that he was surprised to see him in the polymath category of Wikipedia which looked insulting for the term ‘polymath’ to him. Respati says that Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, etc, only these guys deserve to be called polymaths. He goes to the extent of saying that Bertrand Russell was nobody but a big melancholic complainer born to an adulterous mother and a depressed father.

Respati claims that the main reason why Betrand’s father went into a state of chronic medical depression was due to the adulterous deeds of Bertrand’s mother who couldn’t get enough of different men.

Respati ends his book by saying that there is no denying that Bertrand Russell was definitely ahead of his time in several aspects and that’s the main reason why he is celebrated so much but he says that he would have been just another philosopher in the modern times.

Respati is a great fan of another freethinker Indonesia blogger – Bayu Angora and cannot get enough of reading his same poems over and over again.

Hair Transplant Actors

Malcolm Mero (name changed) wonders all the time how many hair transplant actors are there. No, I don’t mean the actors who are experts at performing the hair transplant but the actors who have had hair transplants, I can name at least 100 actors right now that have had hair transplant done on their heads.

The popular Indian comedian Kapil Sharma got it done too, he was first lying to everybody that he never got it done on himself but later on his lies were caught when once when in the drunk condition he gave an interview and the interviewer taking advantage of the situation asked him “Are your hair your own?” Then he replied, “No, I was half bald at the age of 25 and when I started making huge money at the age of 32, the first thing that I did was I got a hair transplant done on my head.”

The so-called sexiest black woman alive – Tyra Jackson got it done too on her head. She will never tell you about the same, she will tell you that her hair is all natural but it is a complete lie.

The not-so-famous but once a mainstream actor – Aditya Pancholi got a hair transplant done on his head too. I warn you to never ask him about the same if you don’t want to indulge into a good fight. He is infamous for his abuses and bruises.

Bald Indian actor and singer – Himesh Reshamiya also got a hair transplant done on himself as he embarked on his acting journey. He used to be a bald and ugly before. He lost a lot of weight and got a hair transplant done on his head in order to look good enough to be called a leading actor.

This strong feminist manufactures steel guitars while her sister manufactures rhenium alloys and origami paper

Nolan Halper (name changed) smokes the most expensive Cuban cigars, she stays at the most expensive hotels and she also enjoys driving the hottest German cars including a BMW X6. From the very childhood, Nolan has a chip on her shoulder that if women wouldn’t have been persecuted, they would be far superior to the men. She likes to drive cars, SUVs, and trucks that ooze masculinity and aggression in order to show that she is superior to everyone else on the road.

Nolan’s father is a professional guitar player. He used to play guitar back in his teenage years and early 20s in a club, after that he worked odd-jobs and had some business failures as well and now he is broke.

Nolan’s company manufactures steel guitars but her online and offline stores sell all sorts of guitars.

Recently, Nolan traveled to Karachi, Pakistan where she discovered some of the best talent in the world. The beggars she saw on the streets there could give the best actors a run for their money. They did some of the best acts Nolan had ever seen.

Nolan’s one and only sister is also a very successful businesswoman whose one company manufactures Rhenium Alloys and the other manufacturers almost all sort of papers with their specialty being the origami paper.

Nolan claims that she can smell the gender of a person who is online with the words. She claims that she can easily identify reading a post on the Reddit whether the poster is a male or a female. She says that she has never failed and nobody can do this better than herself, at least, she hasn’t met anyone who can do it better than her yet.

Alcoholism hater bought top notch ties from Tie Store Australia

Daryllyn Shaw (name changed) hates alcoholics. Both her parents were alcoholics and she hated them after they got drunk. She would either pretend to them that she is asleep or go out with friends or alone somewhere to stay away from them.

All these things had a major effect on Daryllyn’s psyche and mental health, and made her an un-attentive kid in school. Overall, she became a very strange and schizophrenic personality with dis-associative identity disorder.

Daryllyn’s parents successfully put food on her table, roof on her head, clothes on her body, but they couldn’t be good parents and like every human child, Daryllyn needed good parenting more than anything else.

Daryllyn got married to her best friend in school who understood her the best at the age of 21. The relationship finally changed Daryllyn’s life for the better. All her mental illnesses disappeared after she started living with this wonderful man called Joseph.

Daryllyn loves Joseph so much that she does all the shopping for him and takes care of him more like a mother than a wife. They have 2 kids together, one son and a daughter. And when the family went to a soiree occasion together last week, it was Daryllyn who bought ties from an online tie store for both her son and the husband.

In the month of July this year, Daryllyn’s mother who was suffering from hypertension and kidney disease for over a decade died due to sudden cardiac arrest. Daryllyn didn’t even attend the funeral.