Full-Time Internet Troll and Gamer turned into a successful businessperson with the help of watching anime movies

Connor used to be a full-time time waster just about 15 months ago. Connor’s father is a very successful businessman having 4 mansions with one being at the Palm Beach.

Connor played video games all the time after coming back from the college and while at college, all he did was tried to impress girls. Connor also was a serial chatroom troll. You just name an English language chatroom, that was built before or during the year 2016 and Connor has trolled it.

Connor’s father would always ask him to stop playing video games and start a business or bodybuilding as a hobby, but Connor would never listen to his father’s advice. Connor’s life totally changed when he was trolling a chatroom and he saw people talking about lack of finance required to start the business that they have a perfect plan for. Connor felt so guilty that here he is, with lots of money and a father who can act as a mentor for him and all he does is play video games or troll chatrooms all day, and there are these guys who have great business plans and are willing to work so hard but they don’t have any money.

Connor went to his father and told him that he wants to start a business. Connor’s father had a perfect plan for starting a mirror business where he would import the decorative mirrors from Indonesia and use those on different products, he just didn’t have the time and he was waiting for Connor to work on it.

The father helped Connor build a relationship with one of the top glass companies in Indonesia, thanks to his command in the Indonesian language which he gained with watching streaming anime sub indo. Since then Connor has been importing decorative glasses from the same company situated in Bandung and selling it both offline and online. His company is making over 1000 dollar a day on an average and it’s been only about 15 months. Connor has some big plans for the future and I wish him all the best.

Novi Sad business woman cannot get enough of riding her Evolution SR that is kept inside her newly bought mansion

Gurana Medved owns a bungalow with 5 enormous rooms in Vršačka neighborhood in Novi Sad city. Gurana inherited 2 department stores from her father when he died. The stores were doing well until large department store chains took over. After struggling for a while, Gurana finally sold out the department stores to the larger chain stores that were giving her a hard time.

As they say that you become what you think about most of the time, Gurana developed a very low self-esteem since she got hit by that experience. Gurana then started listening to the motivational speakers and reading books written by the same motivational speakers. Her outlook about the life changed completely since then. The story of Les Brown inspired her the most, how an ineducable mentally retarded man achieved almost all of his dreams. He is a father of several happy and healthy kids now with a net worth of tens of million of dollars. He even run as a mayor once and won the elections.

Gurana then started working on creating an online and offline furniture business that she aims to make the largest furniture business in all of Balkan peninsula. It has already achieved big successes. Gurana has been successfully achieving all the short-term goals that she set for her furniture business. She imports furniture from some of the best furniture wholesalers in Shunde district China and sells it in Serbia online and offline. She was surprised to know that very few businesspersons will taking advantage of this opportunity. They were all selling Serbia made furniture that costs thrice as much for the same quality. She was amazed at how lazy people are.

Gurana has already bought that mansion which I mentioned in the start of this post last month. She is now keeping all her savings in her QIWI wallet and bitcoins. She also too often converts her QIWI money to bitcoins whenever she feels like that the prices of the bitcoins are about to rise. Gurana has a gym in her mansion and inside her gym, the equipment that she loves the most is Evolution SR Bike.

Indoor herb gardens are more common than ever before

Donald Balcom lives in a small house but he has an indoor herb garden inside his small house nonetheless.

Donald says that some people are so ignorant that they look for the same herbs out in the market that already grow in their houses and one of the things that is common among them all is that they act like they know a lot about their plants.

Donald also believes that the indoor herb gardens look more beautiful than the outdoor ones.

Donald claims that one thing that he has noticed among all the lawn mowers is that they all have a great heart. He says that he knows some of the most greedy and cruel people that turned into very sweet and generous human beings after they started mowing lawns. Donald loves gardening himself.

Donald’s wife belongs to a family that owns one of the largest numbers of olive trees in Italy. Donald’s wife drives a Porsche GT3 RS and she doesn’t let Donald touch it. Donald is happy with his good old Honda Fit.

Donald is a great big fan of the Spinach and this is evident from his statement that iron content is not the most significant thing in the Spinach, the most significant content of the Spinach is still undiscovered and unidentified by the scientists. Donald remembers how he used to believe in the childhood that he would turn into Popeye the Sailor man if he eats a lot of Spinach and his parents would tell him lie that he will really turn into someone like Popeye if he eats up enough Spinach and play lots of sports.

Donald says that you shouldn’t consider taste at all while buying a herb for yourself, just look at the benefits that it provides and if it is tasty as well, that’s wonderful but don’t look for the taste yourself.

Wealthy businesswoman took weeks to find out the best possible toaster oven

Sandra Ramirez used to believe that toaster ovens were an overrated and useless commodity and all you needed was a Microwave oven. Sandra made up her mind to buy a toaster oven after she learnt how great quality cupcakes could be baked so easily with toaster ovens. Sandra also knew that the quality of the toaster ovens have gone quite a lot up with time and that also helped her make her mind to buy one.

Sandra is one of those that don’t believe the reviews they read on Amazon or eBay and hence the only way she had to find out the best toaster oven reviews was to first look for a trustworthy review blog/website/forum by a reliable expert and then buy the one that is highly suggested there.

When Sandra was looking for the best possible toaster, she got so much confused because of so many different options suggested but she didn’t give up on it and here she is, with a toaster oven that gets complimented by friends and the family all the time. Some of her relatives have also bought the same toaster oven since they saw how well it cooks the chicken legs. Sandra’s husband loves to cook the chicken legs all the time on this toaster oven.

Sandra has now been thinking about starting her own forum/blog/website dedicated to toaster ovens, all she need is some spare time to dedicate to it.

Sandra is a leading supplier of Submersible Pumps, Centrifrugal, Monoblock, Diesel, Hydraulic Pumps and Spares but she is still so scrooge and doesn’t spend a penny if its purpose is not justified.

Conspiracy theorist husband and astrologer wife are in love with the CrazyBulk

Anatoly Kolar (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist with a passion for bodybuilding. Since Anatoly started using bodybuilding supplements, Anatoly feels so energetic that he hits the gym 2 hours a day, 6 days a week regularly.

Let’s come to Anatoly’s conspiracy theories for a while, which Anatoly likes to call ‘the truth’. Anatoly claims that the richest Saudi Arabian – Waleed Bin Talal has always been obsessed with Hindu spiritualism and he is a huge fan of Nithyananda, Sadhguru and OSHO. Anatoly says that nobody can dare to expose this fact about Waleed in Saudi Arabia.

Anatoly says that the Syrian civil war will never come to an end until each and every citizen alive there gets killed or die a natural death, the only people that will stay alive from Syria are going to be the ones who are going to migrate from Syria to some other country. Anatoly says that the G-8  and United Nations will announce Syria as a part of Greater Israel after a while.

Anatoly’s wife – Christine is an Obstetrician who has been lifting  since high school but she never felt and looked any better since she started using CrazyBulk. At first, Christine was scared to take CrazyBulk as she never tried any sort of supplements ever before but now she says that CrazyBulk is one of the best things that ever happened to her.

Christine has been learning astrology from some Indian gurus for quite a while and here is an excerpt from her astrology blog that she has maintaining for quite a while – “The Orion changes its shape according to the era on the planet earth and what is going on during the era and what’s popular. In the ancient times, the Orion used to be in a shape of a man with a sword but now it is a couple with wife working on a laptop and the husband carrying an AK-47.”

Podiatrist only trusts Doggy Dan when it comes on raising her lovey-dovey-doggies better

George Jansen (name changed) is a Swedish gentleman who claims that Tigers are the oldest species of wild cats on earth and they didn’t evolve from any other species. Although George wants to buy a wild cat for himself, his wife wouldn’t let him, George’s wife – Kate is a Podiatrist with several specializations but she couldn’t have imagined to have raised her three different dogs of different breeds without the help of Doggy Dan, Kate got stunned by the way Doggy Dan helped her raising her dogs that for the very first time she wrote a Brain Training for Dogs Review. Kate never even wrote a review for a product that she bought on the eBay or Amazon before.

Kate is a technology, cars and gadgets freaks. Kate has a popular blog where she writes about all the stuff that she cares about. Kate recently wrote a post about how Whirlpool will soon come out with the best LED WI-FI television sets ever. Kate once wrote a post claiming that the female ducks are one of the most promiscuous creatures ever on earth which received a lot of mixed comments. Kate once mentioned on her blog that she is creating a unique sort of survey that has never been seen ever before. Kate claims that this survey will be able to identify traitor or potential traitor like a wonder.

Kate says that no matter how hard she tries, she can never make her family members happy except her three dogs and that’s why perhaps she loves them more than anything else in the world.

Kate is the daughter of a philosopher who used to live in a rented apartment with his family. Kate has 3 siblings and all of them are successful now. One of Kate’s brother is a famous poet and low budget movie director.

Mr Camden is obsessed with Camels and along with driving a cab he rides camels and wishes if he could fit a turbo engine in a camel

Livio Camden (name changed) lives in Elko, Nevada where he offers Camel riding services and he himself is a camel riding enthusiast. Livio’s full-time business is not giving out Camels for rent and hence he only has 3 camels that he gives out for rent to ride on them. Livio says that only if the camels could ride much faster, he would never use his car to travel. You will be amazed to know what Livio’s full-time business is, Livio is a Lyft cab driver and before becoming a part of Lyft, he used to drive an Uber cab. Lyft driver promo code is what attracted Livio to join Lyft.

Livio is a part-time blogger as well, he has written some negative things about the witty people in the past. He once wrote that it is pretty obvious that witty people are more cunning and treacherous in their overall affairs. Livio wrote that there is no denying that witty people are more creative, better business managers, innovative and generally more hard-working and hence they believe that it is their birth right to manipulate the others as they think of them as inferior beings.

Once Livio wrote on his blog that characterless people are more creative as well and generally instead of applying their creativity in business, inventions, they use this creativity to create more stupid relationships which are mostly doomed to fail finally and even if they succeed, they don’t give you as much as a business or invention could have.

Livio’s father was a big businessman who was always busy in business tours and related stuff, when Livio was 18, he discovered that his real biological father was the secretary of his father, Livio’s father always knew it because his secretary was black and he himself was white, he took the revenge on Livio’s mother by fathering a child with his female secretary. After finding out what a huge mess his family is, he moved out of his family the day he learnt about it all.

Sarms making women lose their self control

Cyril Alnwick (name changed) is not a Jew but he never drives German cars which makes people think that he is one. Billions of people across the world do not drive German cars but when doesn’t drive one it makes people shocked, because first of all, Cyril is a self-made multimillionaire and a car enthusiast. Cyril owns almost every non-German made car brand, his favorite cars in his lot are a 2017 Volvo S60 Polestar, a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and a 2013 Ford Mustang.

Even though Cyril is French from his mother’s side and English from his father’s side, Cyril finds French, British and German architecture boring compared to the Italian.

One of Cyril’s friends whose name is Jabbar was born into a Sunni Muslim family, Jabbar used to be a strict Muslim until the day he learnt that Muhammad married Ayesha when she was only 6 and he had 9 wives whereas he preaches other Muslims to have only 4 wives. Jabbar used not be aware of the fact that the Muslims are permitted to have slave men and women and bear children with the slave women. Jabbar had no idea about several other evil stuff that the Muslims are encouraged and allowed to do and hence Jabbar became an atheist that day and replaced the Namaj (Islamic Prayer) time with bodybuilding time.

When Jabbar started bodybuilding, he had no idea that there is something called PED that he could use to enhance his performance in the gym thrice as much, he researched about the best PED brand everywhere on the internet and turned out that there Sarms is unbeatable in this regard.

It has been 7 months since Jabbar has been using Sarms and his girlfriend cannot get enough of singing the Self Control by Laura Branigan whenever he sees a picture of his anywhere including her mobile phone, laptop screen or anywhere and whenever she sees Jabbar in person, she just instantly jumps upon him.

The city of Nizams aka Hyderabad should be renamed to the city of boredom – Abida Durand

Abida Durand (name changed) is a French woman who decided to travel to the so-called city of Nizams aka Hyderabad after learning that it is full of historical monuments and a breeze of freshness and nostalgia but after arriving to the so-called city of Nizams, Abida found out that it has nothing on the showcase for the visitors other than extravagant road traffic and cheap men that stare at women like they have never seen one before.

Abida really regretted going to the city of Nizams aka Hyderabad and wished if she would have gone to some Thai city like Pattaya, Bangkok or Hua Hin instead. Abida is from the Paris and the Paris has at least 100 times the number of fascinating and stunning monuments to show than Hyderabad. Abida decided to visit Hyderabad just because she saw this video by a Youtube car reviewer that goes by the name Faisal Khan appreciating and complimenting Hyderabad for each and everything and calling it the city of Nizams over and over again. Abida doesn’t like his car reviews but she watches his videos just because she finds him attractive, tall and exotic to look at. Abida is so angry at the guy at the moment that she has already unsubscribed him after commenting on one of his videos that he is a traitor. Abida called him a traitor because he is a Muslim and he never appreciated or complimented any other town, city or village of India other than Hyderabad. Abida accused him of being a Pakistani agent living in India or the agent of the Muslim Ummah or the agent of the state of Saudi Arabia.

Abida needs to go Thailand to freshen herself up for a while after having a bad experience in Hyderabad, she will be in Thailand on 13th January and she has already booked a Hua Hin Taxi for her tour.

They serve halal food in many Koh Chang restaurants

Raheem Sultan (name changed) is a Pakistani Muslim who is extremely strict when it comes to eating non-vegetarian food. Raheem travels a lot and he used to be always surprised to see Muslim men and women eating haram (non-kosher) food everywhere other than their home countries. Raheem used to wander around in other countries looking for halal food.

Raheem remembers how a restaurant in Koh Chang, Thailand had a specific menu for halal food. Raheem used to eat only at that particular restaurant whenever he went to Koh Chang whenever the company sent him there. Raheem’s restaurant bills were used to be paid off by the company if he ate at the restaurant of the hotel that they gave him room in but he would rather choose to pay the restaurant bill himself and eat only halal food at a different restaurant and let me tell you, this restaurant was much more expensive than an average Koh Chang restaurant, it cost Raheem 20% of his monthly salary only to eat there for a week but he couldn’t care less as long as the food was halal (kosher).

Like most Pakistani Muslims, Raheem got married to the daughter of his father’s sister’s daughter (her first cousin), Muslims consider marriage to the first cousins better than marrying someone stranger.

Raheem smiles very less because he says that people think of him as some fool when he smiles. He himself claims that he has an ugly smile which makes him look like a retard. For their honeymoon, Raheem and his wife went to the same Koh Chang resort where they serve halal food and throughout their time in Koh Chang, Raheem seldom smiled, Raheem’s wife got suspicious that he is not happy with her and they had a huge argument because of this. Raheem told her why he seldom smiles and after telling her that, Raheem felt like a fool and his wife didn’t believe him.

7 year celibate and sitting on 7 millions – Luciana Nicoli is really one of a kind woman

Luciana Nicoli (name changed) is an amateur political analyst and thinker who recently predicted and posted on her personal blog that the France will take over Palestine soon enough and Catholicism vs Judaism + Protestantism will begin instead of the current Islam vs Protestantism + Judaism of the modern day.

Luciana maybe an amateur, but she is respected for her wonderful imagination and future predictions throughout the world. Luciana has successfully predicted several happenings of the past and she is seldom wrong.

Luciana claims that the secret behind her extraordinary predictive and imaginative powers is her practice of celibacy. Luciana has been a celibate for the past 7 years, her biggest inspirations for staying celibate are Mother Teresa and Lata Mangeshkar. Luciana says that she always used to feel guilty after sex and on one fine day she decided that she will stay celibate for the rest of her life. Luciana has already successfully crossed the 7 year mark and counting.

Although Luciana is notorious for preaching on her blog that following your religion is more important than financial success, Luciana is extremely successful financially and most of the credit goes to her finding the right company for SEO, she knows the best guys for website optimization in Porto Alegre (otimização de sites em porto alegre).

Luciana never keeps the eatables or beverages in the fridge but in the ice coolers instead. Luciana preaches that the food kept in the fridge becomes full of unnatural gases which dumbs you down. Luciana claims that she has experimented with eating food kept in the fridge for 6 weeks and then eating food that was kept in the ice cooler. She says that her IQ was at least 40 points down when she was eating the food from the fridge.

Luciana is also notorious for preaching on her blogs that sexual perversion and alcoholism is responsible for the apathy among the human beings. She says that when she was a kid, people were much less sexually perverted and alcoholics and they were all loving people.

NoFap lifestyle makes you develop good habits like origami

Inge Ahlgren (name changed) believes that falling in love is seldom a positive sign. Inge used to be a highly religious person until he developed a habit of reading. This is what Inge told me, “I used to be a hardcore protestant and I believed in the second coming of Jesus. One of the best things that ever happened to me was that I started living a NoFap lifestyle. I always knew that watching porn, masturbating and looking at women with lust were bad but I had no idea that they were so bad. I came across the NoFap subreddit by accident, I signed up immediately and started posting there regularly. Before partaking in the ultimate challenge that is NoFap, I used to think of Reddit as just another forum. I thought it was just an extraordinary forum with its own software and a much bigger number of members. After that I discovered that Reddit is a lot more than a forum and most of the members are wankers while only a fraction of the Reddit was trying NoFap. I used to check the profiles of each of the users that were serious about NoFap and also the ones who were hardcore wankers. The ones who were on the NoFap had a completely different level, I learnt about simple origami from one of them and I also learnt more about fitness and health from those guys and a life changing habit – reading. The ones who didn’t do NoFap were all talking about ‘how to impress girls’, ‘which women they wank to’, ‘MGTOW’ and other stuff like that. I would read history, science and religions and finally I became certain that all the religions of the world are man-made and completely fake. I felt so free the day I became an agnostic.”

She wasn’t born a royal but she is enjoying her life more than any who really is

Zoe Christian (name changed) is a petite 5’2″ who keeps her body slender and toned with the softest skin you have ever felt. Her caramel blonde hair suits her tan perfectly and brings out her big sparkling blue eyes which her husband finds irresistible.

Zoe’s sensual curves, intoxicating perfumes and enchanting conversations are all enough to get your underwear wet with pre-ejaculatory fluid.

Zoe always wishes that she was born an elite but since her husband got the penile implant surgery done, she is happier than ever. He watched one particular penile implant video again and again until he got it done. He always had a doubt that it would have some serious side effects until he watched that video and a voice in his head always told him that those videos telling him that the surgery has some serious side effects were all created by the basement prowlers and the one that says that it has none is the real deal.

Zoe’s husband recently met an ex-boyfriend of Zoe whom he stared down and Zoe’s ex-boyfriend wouldn’t dare look back. There is so much confidence that you gain with the manhood.

Zoe’s father has a mistress whom she hates so much that she hasn’t visited her father in the last of couple of years even though she lives in the same city as her father.

Zoe’s brother thinks of himself as sort of a guru and Zoe loves him so much but finds him extremely annoying at the same time. He cannot get enough of providing his stupid analogies and others couldn’t care less what he say.

Cryptocurrency trader married his childhood sweetheart recently came from the honeymoon

Nirola Raz (name changed) loves everything German, be it cars or women. He owns a fleet of Audi, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes cars. Nirola was born in the romantic and historic city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nirola has a habit of doing a bit of research before doing anything new or anything that he considers to be significant.

Nirola recently married his childhood sweetheart whom we will call ‘Kulvinder’ here. He never had such a connection with anyone else like she has with his wife. They genuinely get tremendously happy the moment they look in each other’s eyes. Each day their relationship feels fresh again.

Nirola and Kulvinder both were born and raised up in Paris, Texas. They both grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school and the same college as well. They never dated each other until recently. They were always good friends and had a special place for each other in their hearts but never expressed any such thing to each other.

Nirol and Kulvinder feel for the creative people who are stuck in the little rut of menial performance. They also run a suicide and depression support subreddit and a website for the same purpose as well.

Nirola and Kulvinder enjoyed their honeymoon in Milazzo, Italy thoroughly. After enjoying the honeymoon, they went to visit Lipari and Vulcano by boat.

Kulvinder is curvy and beautiful in a subtle and classy way. She looks better in person than in pictures. She really outshines everyone around in the workplace.

Nirola is a full-time top cryptocurrencies trader and an amateur historian who believes that the Khazaria kingdom is just a myth and there never existed such a kingdom and it is a conspiracy against the Jews.

Popular Turkish Youtube Comedian getting a hair transplant by Dr T in 2019

Ruzgar Birel (name changed) is a 45 year old Turkish man from the city called Kilis.

Ruzgar is a part-time amateur stand-up comedian who only performs in front of high class and elite audience. Ruzgar also maintains a regular vlog on the Youtube telling his personal opinions, stories and jokes. Ruzgar recently started receiving lots of mocking comments making fun of his hair loss. All those comments made Ruzgar realize that he needs a hair transplant and he is getting it done in the early 2019. Hair transplant price 2019 is chachki compared to the advantages and benefits it offers. A head full of hair is definitely going to increase the confidence of Ruzgar so that he can perform better in front of the audience.

Ruzgar was raised up by ignorant, abusive and alcoholic parents and that made Ruzger live in a fear of exploitation all his life. Ruzgar suffered from multiple personality disorder all his teenage years and most likely it was an automatic reaction of his body to cope up with the circumstances and environment that his parents had created for him. He started living in his own Utopian world.

Ruzgar is also a wannabe historian and he has been studying the American history currently and trying to find out whether it was ever a republic. He is also looking for the answers to popular questions like “Who killed JFK?” and “Who killed Abraham Lincoln?”

Ruzgar inherited a great immune system from his parents and he very seldom falls ill. Unlike most his cousins, Ruzgar is not a result of cousin marriage and that’s one of the most obvious and peculiar reasons behind his impeccable immune system.

21 year young Australian lady lost 125 lbs with online personal training

“If you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything”, Mia, a 21 year young Australian lady used to repeat this sentence at least 60 times a day on an average till she used to be obese. Mia considers losing those extra 125 lbs an enormous achievement, all thanks to online personal training. Mia understood too early that obesity brings several deadly diseases with it and decided that she needs to do really something about it. Mia used to hate pretty girls unless she lost her extra pounds

Mia believes that every woman is worthy of love and respect. And she also believes that most women are more cunning and shrewd than most men. Mia has an experience of discussing and debating several issues with both men and women, and that’s what she claims has brought her to this conclusion.

Since Mia has lost those extra lbs, she doesn’t use escalators or elevators unless there is no other option or she is needs to go to the top floor of a skyscraper.

Mia was raised up by a strict catholic mother. Her mother was against Mia listening to the pop music, wearing short and skimpy clothes, and watching highly sexualized television dramas.

Mia’s maternal grandfather used to be a petty religious cult leader and Mia tries her best to never let anybody that she is related to him.

Mia’s father lived as a moocher till he was 35. He was alcoholic and a mentally disturbed person. He made no reasonable sacrifice to raise his kids while on the other hand, Mia’s mother was a devout catholic who took her responsibilities very seriously and did her best to have a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

25 year handsome young man found the best shower soap scum remover in the market

Baruch is a 25 year young man who likes to buy pheromones only cologne to attract women. Baruch promised his parents that he will become a doctor when he grows up but failed. He was too busy impressing women.

Baruch once went to a doctor for advice on something that I can’t disclose here. He merely asked for the advice but he gave him pills with lots of side-effects. That was the moment Baruch says when he started to hate doctors. I personally do not believe Baruch on this, I think he hates doctors because he couldn’t become one.

Baruch used to be a member of satanic cult once. He still recalls that period sometimes and it makes him go nuts.

Baruch loves affluent people and he only respects them honestly. He believes that middle-class people are too lazy and stupid. He is a middle-class personal himself though.

Baruch loves to prank a lot. He claims that it is the fallacy of the poor people for their lifestyle and also the people of the third world countries deserve to suffer like they do.

Baruch loves hot Punjabi girls in his neighborhood. Baruch has a love-hate relationship with most things in his house and his neighborhood. One of the things that he hates most intensely are the soap scums in shower. Luckily, he knows about one of the top shower soap scum remover available in the marketplace.

One of Baruch’s cousin who lived in Germany got killed in a hijacked plane flight from India to Germany. They made a very popular biopic in the Bollywood about this incident featuring an air hostess ‘Neerja’ as the protagonist. Baruch doesn’t understand the Hindi language so he watched the movie Neerja with English subtitles.

Hair Transplant has very few disadvantages and they vary from person to person

Saburo hates both capitalism and communism. Saburo hates the French Revolution. Saburo believes that all legitimate authority comes from the God. Saburo is also always very curious to know about the great people who were thrown in the garbage bin of history.

When Saburo is not busy doing anything business or such, you will find him predicting about the future of the world and especially Turkey. Saburo thinks that the history of Dinar and Dirham has been changed by the historians deliberately and he has some crazy personal ideas about the history of Dinar and Dirham.

Saburo also believes that we are living in the end times. Saburo always persuades his wife to wear a hijab and he believes that women who wear skimpy clothes are dressed yet naked. Saburo always insists about hair transplant disadvantages to his friends who have already got hair transplant done or thinking of getting it done; but they are getting hair transplants done nonetheless.

Saburo’s sister owns a lingerie store in the city center of Istanbul and Saburo hates her for it. This sister of Saburo is drinks alcohol a lot and many days of the month she finds herself unable to go to the work because of her alcohol addiction. Saburo hates her even more for that.

Saburo always wishes if he were born during the Islamic Golden Age.

Saburo’s family recently enjoyed a trip to the St Petersburg, Russia. They loved Russia and Russian people. Saburo still receives regular financial aid from his parents and he never feels embarrassed about it.

Saburo runs a pastry and ice cream shop in the center of popular neighborhood of Halkali Meydan in Istanbul. The income is not that good for Saburo but he recently bought a new motorcycle and his first priority while buying the biking was the fuel economy.

Super-ambitious Latvian-American lady can’t appreciate MadOxx enough

Born in Latvia, raised up in America, Estere is a 21 year young lady who just finds everything interesting. With her ever-smiling face and charm, she just wins almost everybody’s hearts. She sometimes has to suffer because of it as she has unwanted guys getting attracted to her all the times and that really wastes her time and energy.

Estere’s aim is to become the richest American lady who wasn’t born in America. With her exceptional brilliance, communication skills and charm, she has what it takes to achieve it. She just needs to become a little more hard-working for the same.

Recently, Estere attended several personality development courses and found it as a waste of time. She said she could have done something much valuable instead. Estere loves to read and learn, and she values her time more than anything.

Estere loves to eat dates from the Middle East and the irony is that she hates most of the Middle East. She has been to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon. She only liked Israel and Jordan out of all the countries she has been to.

Estere’s parents are more spiritual and they don’t support Estere’s materialistic views and opinions; though they never interfere in her business or life.

Recently, a friend of Estere from New York developed this really really wonderful business that goes by the name MadOxx. It is an activewear retail business with a distinction and edge. The business really inspired and motivated Estere for good.

Estere loves lakes and that’s why in the July of this year, she shifted to Sandpoint, Idaho.

Estere has been spending an hour daily learning how to code on Python for the last few months. We will see what plan is going on in her mind after she becomes an expert at it and commence her plan. She is not telling anyone her plans yet.

Young Polish Man spends most of the time listening to the music on his bluetooth headphones

Julius is a young guy from the Lublin city of Poland. Julius always looked pale, sick and tired until about an year ago due to a couple of his bad addictions which I would not like to mention here. Since Julius hit puberty, Julius has been like this way. Julius was born to and raised by wonderful parents that provided him with everything. Julius is also related to the Mother Teresa.

Julius doesn’t like to watch TV at all. Julius’ girlfriend’s parents recently built a fireproof house and Julius really liked the house very much. Julius also suffered from severe back pain when he was only 19. Julius’ parents are devout Catholics and they were very much against the artificial contraception almost all their lives. Julius has 9 brothers and 2 sisters and it is evident from this that they followed what they preached.

Julius nowadays like to spend most of his time listening to the catholic podcasts on the great quality cheap bluetooth headphones he bought from the Pample Mousse.

Most of Julius’ friends are Jewish and they have got Julius addicted to the chicken soup. There is a college friend of Julius who only eats only meat and drinks only water. Julius says that his friend is a bodybuilder and he has girls drooling over him all the time. Julius wants to follow him too but a part of him is scared whether this diet would suit him or not. He heard from someone that eating nothing but meat causes cancer and at best, it causes kidney damage.

Julius himself personally loves to eat chocolates, American almonds and Brazilian nuts. Julius’ sister married an Arab from UAE and settled down in Dubai forever. Julius’ family is also related to Mother Teresa.

Home Remodeling in Prescott was never so good

Azibo is a 23 year old man who was born in the Dedza village of Malawi. From the very childhood, Azibo dreamed big and he always wanted to go to the country of opportunities, the United States one day.

Unlike most cousins of Azibo, he went to a school. He was a great student and too good for his school, his village and maybe his country.

Azibo’s parents were proud of him and till today they are. After completing high school, Azibo got enrolled into the Lilongwe Technical College. Azibo did great there as well. After completing his college education, Azibo was offered several jobs with high salaries. Azibo chose one and settled down in Lilongwe. He also called his parents there, but they were too happy in their ancestral village.

Azibo’s company provided him a Lenovo Laptop with Windows 7 on. Azibo didn’t like it. Azibo wanted Windows 10 only, he asked the company to get him Windows 10 installed but they refused. They told him he can install it on his own. Azibo was pissed off. Azibo knew that Windows 10 are around 100000 Malawian Kwacha and he didn’t want to waste his precious money for a very little up gradation.

Azibo then got a job offer in Prescott, Arizona. Azibo accepted it and since then he has been living there. Azibo also got married in Prescott to the girl living next door to him. They recently got their home remodeling in Prescott by the most reputed company in their neighborhood.

Azibo loves to learn about the history of the African people and different African tribes and he is also writing an eBook about his observations about Africa and African people. I wish him all the best with it and I know for certain that it is going to be one of the best ever books ever written on the topic.

It only takes 72 hours to recover from hair transplant

The Indian subcontinent is extremely obsessed with a lighter skin. If you have a dark skin and you happen to live there, you will be considered ugly no matter what. One Indian guy whom we will call Sharad here was born into an Arora family in the North India.

Sharad is originally from Punjab, but his family moved to New Delhi when Sharad was only 8. All the members of Sharad’s family have a very light skin and some are even green or blue-eyed. Many of Sharad’s relatives would call Sharad by the name “Kaalu” instead of calling him by his original name. After hearing someone calling him Kaalu, Sharad would go to his mom and cry.

Sharad would always ask god “Why didn’t you give be a light and bright skin?”

On his 18th birthday, Sharad received another gift from the god which goes by the name “Male Pattern Baldness”. Sharad couldn’t even faked a smile while his family was celebrating his 18th birthday. He was all sad and feeling infuriated while cutting his 18th birthday cake.

After 7 more years, Sharad was half bald. His girlfriend, his family, his friends, everybody tried to console Sharad, but he couldn’t take it anymore. He researched on the internet for a solution. He tried different shampoos, several supplements and what not, but no improvement at all. He decided to travel all the way to Turkey to get a hair transplant.

His family traveled along with Sharad. They enjoyed their tour of Turkey while Sharad rested for 3 days after the hair transplant was done. After his Hair Transplant Recovery Time was over, Sharad never faced any issue at all.

Sharad has been living happily now with his gorgeous wife who was also his girlfriend back in the college. His kid is one the way and Sharad fears that he/she also doesn’t turn out to be dark-skinned.

Public-Relations Executive live in highly stressful conditions

Fawad is a public-relations executive at one of the biggest Malaysian Multinational Corporations based in the George Town. Fawad was always a very intelligent person. He scored the highest in the school and college. Fawad had very few friends and those friends were also like him, had nothing to do with the worldly life, just focusing on their work.

Fawad’s parents got him married when he was 23 years young. Fawad didn’t know that women have their own desires that need to be satiated almost every day. Fawad just kept focusing on his work and within a few years, was promoted as the highest paid public relations executive in the entire company.

Fawad was making huge money. Driving a Mercedes AMG while his wife drove an Audi RS6. Fawad was very happy but his wife wasn’t, and she was planning to ask Fawad for a divorce. Fawad did his best to keep his wife happy but he had no idea that she wanted something else. They even had a baby now who was about to be 2 in a few months.

Fawad’s wife finally asked him for a divorce and Fawad was extremely shocked to hear that. Fawad asked the reason and his wife refused to tell him. Fawad went to his mother and told her the whole story. Fawad’s mother knew her son very well. Fawad’s mother knew how innocent her son is and how he is not able to understand what a woman needs. Fawad’s mother told him that he needs to make her satisfied every night in bed, Fawad replied “I can’t. With all the stress in the office, I can’t get it up at night.” Fawad’s mother then told him about Ubat Kuat, and asked him to try after taking it.

Since Fawad started taking Ubat Kuat, his wife is scared all the time that Fawad doesn’t divorce her. She is enjoying her life to the fullest.

Kara Keto Burn, 15 minute walk and a tablespoon of honey making me fitter than ever

As my regular readers all know that I am a fat woman who is always looking for cheats to lose weight. Unfortunately, I never before found a cheat that could make me lose my weight. Many of the products I used, did the other way round. But today, I am sharing with you a product that I have been using for the past 6 weeks and I have lost 20 lbs by using this one product only. No exercise, no dieting, just this one product, and the product’s name is Kara Keto Burn. Along with taking Kara Keto Burn, I also take some honey as prescribed by my mother. I am doing it all easy way. Oh yes, and I go for a 15 minute walk with my dog everyday as well.

I was very skeptical about the Kara Keto Burn as I have already used tens, if not hundreds of weight loss products and none of those worked as I mentioned earlier. My brother told me about it after using it himself. We are all overweight in our family. Even my dog is overweight.

My brother and I were always made fun of in the school bus because of our overweight. We were called elephant, rhinoceros, hippo, and what not. Now, all the people who called us those names, we are finding them all on the Social Media and sending them a friend request to show how they all deserve to be called names while we stay fit and healthy. We are not going to send the friend requests to those who are fitter than us, only those who are fatter, we will send the friend requests to the fitter ones as well after we ourselves become fitter than those.

Shark Tank Contestant couldn’t make it due to bad dressing sense

A contestant who appeared in the Shark Tank Season 6 had a great product to showcase but he couldn’t impress the judges. I don’t want to disclose the name of the contestant here, he is a friend of a friend, and the product he showcased was amazing in every sense and he didn’t even ask for much amount of money. The only thing that he lacked was the coolness, the style, the body, and a funky hairstyle. His product had everything to do with the style and the creator was the most boring looking person ever.

He has learnt from his mistakes now and is now a subscriber to the best men’s magazines, and he is not only subscribed to those but he wear those clothes and changes his hairstyle almost every 4-5 months.

Why would you like to dress bad after making a wonderful product that can change the lives of uncountable people for good? How much does a pair of great looking clothes cost? Well, I have to agree upon one thing that it is not just about the price when it comes to good looking clothes. Even if you make up a nice pair with the clothes available on eBay sold by the Chinese sellers, you can have a gorgeous looking pair of clothes.

Anxious Russian lady became a total New Yorker

Fekla came to the United States with her husband to become citizens of the country forever in the year 2017. Fekla is naturally very beautiful, but she had no idea that the city of money and flash, i.e. New York would be full of women wearing the most expensive perfumes, make up that she never heard of, going to the spas and salons every week that weren’t even found in the town she came from (Ryazan).

Fekla felt so socially awkward and would hesitate to go out of her home. Her husband found out that something is wrong with his wife. He took Fekla to a nearby high-end beauty salon but Fekla wouldn’t go out of the car. She didn’t even speak proper English back then. Fekla’s husband Dima was now determined to make his wife look even prettier and more classy than the high class women of the New York City.

He researched all over the internet and bought what he believed to be the best face lifting anti-aging device for his wife.

Fekla learnt how to use it and simultaneously she also hired an English teacher who would come to their home to teach Fekla. Only within a matter of 6 months, Fekla became one of the most outgoing ladies in her neighborhood and now she has more than 20 friends in the New York City.

Lizards made Pattaya florist go mad

A flower shop in Pattaya, Thailand that we wouldn’t like to name here, but let’s call them “Lizard Flowers” to make it easier for the readers was doing really good. The shop was located at what we would call a prime area, well not so prime but it was a nice area to have a flowers shop at. The business of the flowers shop was increasing at an average rate of 5% per month and the owner was doing really good for himself until he started giving free lizards with a bouquet. Yes, you read it, a free lizard per bouquet. So many lizards came inside the shop of the florist that they sometimes were running on the owner’s face while he was taking the orders. จิ้งจก would scream the customer and the customer would disappear like a ghost.

First, the owner didn’t care but after he wasn’t able to pay the bills due to disappearing customers, he was determined to get rid of these nasty little ugly devils. He looked for a solution all over the internet and finally found one. The solution didn’t appeal to him initially as he was too skeptic whether it would work or not, but he had no other option, he tried it and it worked magically. His business is booming now and he is making as much money per month as he did 8-9 months ago.

Warts can be cured and in this blog post I will tell you the best way to get rid of them

One of my friends switched off his phone on the day when he had to visit a cultural programme. We used to to visit this particular programme each year on that particular date. I knew something was wrong with him. So, I took a bus to his house to find out what’s wrong with him. I kept ringing the door bell of his house but nobody came to open the door.

What happened next will open your eyes, my friend had an intuition that it’s me at the door, knowing this, he was about to leave the house from the backdoor and I had an idea what he will do next. I was all there standing outside the backdoor of his house before he could leave. The moment I had a look of his face, I got to know the reason why he was so anxious and hiding from everybody. He had warts all over his face, he didn’t even know the term to denote those things. He lived all alone. No parents, no girlfriend, no sibling, just all alone. I am his best friend and I am the only person that he tells almost everything to and I was shocked that these little ugly devils had put such a jolly guy in so much depression and anxiety of all sorts. I was angry and depressed too at the same time. Angry because he didn’t even care to tell me about it and depressed because this best friend of mine always keeps on laughing like Dalai Lama and here he was, looking extremely sad and dull, I had never seen him so much upset or depressed before. I took him to a nearby dermatologist who prescribed him some tablets and a gel. He applied the gel for over 12 days and it did nothing other making his depression worse and wasting his time.

He stopped going to his dance classes and also stopped going to his 9-5 job. I was determined to help him at any cost and started spending hours researching the right product for him on the internet and through other ways, finally, after 4-5 days I went through the website of Wartrol by searching for the keyword phrase best way to get rid of warts on Google. My heart, my mind, my gut feeling after looking at Wartrol was that this is it. I bought a Wartrol online and the moment the product was delivered to my house, I took it to my friend. Only a couple of weeks later, all those little devils disappeared from his face and now he is more happy than ever.

Have a smile on your face, don’t let those flabs disappoint you

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to lose those flabs? Do you search all over the internet how to lose those extra pounds? If you do it all the time, then I am certain that you must have come across a thing called Phenq diet pills. It is the most popular diet pill ever and everybody who has successfully lost some weight or is looking to lose some is talking about or searching about it. Unfortunately, most people due to a phobia or something like that end up never purchasing the same.

I am going to take this opportunity to tell you that Phenq really works. You are in good hands with the Phenq. Phenq was founded by a team of professional dietitians and doctors, knowing all about the body inside out. The fact that they both were of the similar yet different backgrounds helped them to understand new things while working together. These founders were young and restless, they still are, it is phenomenal how the product has become so popular within such a short period of time.

Even though in some aspects selling diet pills is a business like any other, the biggest difference is the expectations the consumers have about it most of the times. Satisfying each and every consumer is the most challenging thing and Phenq has an exception of successfully doing so each time. Everybody has a unique body and surprisingly Phenq works on all body types. That’s the reason why a popular poet from Iran called it Mirat-e-ghum-nawan (a miraculous product). The moment you open up their website, you will have a vibe that your life is about to change and only for the good.

You already know where to buy Phenq, don’t you?

USB Missile Launcher is the new Disc Gun

If you work at a small company, you probably have heard the term USB Missile launcher. No? Let me tell you what it is. A USB Missile launcher is like the squirt guns and disc guns were back in the 60s. These are mainly being used by the bosses or owners of the small offices and even sometimes bigger ones to remind their workers to get back to work when they find them gossiping, taking a nap, chatting on Facebook or Whatsapp, using Social Media and other stuff like that.

It is mostly being used by the lady bosses of the companies or store owners. Men are also using it but mostly it is the women. Whether it is the men or the women using it, it is mostly being used on the male workers, women very rarely use it on their female workers but when they do, they do it very cautiously. Men don’t use it at all on their female workers or they might get arrested for harassment, particularly, if they do it very frequently.

Many are saying that it is for the use by co-workers. Well, that is absolute baloney. I haven’t heard of or seen any co-worker using it. They wouldn’t be allowed to do so.

The product isn’t doing as good as the Sonic Grenades, catapults, lightsabers or ninjas, but it has earned a name for itself. I know several eBay sellers who bought it in bulk in expectation of earning huge profits are now facing huge losses. And I am deadly serious here.

There is no choice of color here. Only an army green color is available. It is more expensive than its rivals and that’s the main reason why it is not doing so well. A lot of media hype was created about this by the media claiming that it is one of the most cool devices to have ever been created and some even went on to the extent of saying that it is as revolutionary as a telephone. I mean, how stupid can you be to say that. It was a small statewide magazine that said “it is as revolutionary as a telephone”.  I was burst into laughter along with anger when I read this. Is this the Global village that we have created where a journalist is so stupid to call a mini useless gadget as revolutionary as a telephone? My God! Some people are just unbelievable. The whole world is unbelievable. Einstein rightly said that the human stupidity is infinite and that’s one of the reasons also why they worship a guy like Einstein who advised the American establishment to throw a nuclear bomb on Japan.

Another reason why it is not doing good in the market is that it is not stealthy. Anyone carrying it connected to his/her Mac or Windows will look awkward.

When will the Volvo stop adding gimmicky features to their cars and make them driver friendly instead?


There is a reason why the Volvo after so many efforts hasn’t been doing much sales since the mid-90s. Most other cars have all the necessary safety features and that’s what has always been the selling point of the Volvos.

The present day BMWs are much better built than the Volvos and that’s what Volvo was all about in the 70s, 80s and most of 90s. Even to this day they claim that their cars have some of the best build quality which is far off from the truth. The Volvos aren’t that well-built anymore and you may have a look at any of their crash tests and compare it to a BMW crash test.

Audi and Jaguar, the two brands that have no USP of their own, struggled for most of their career have now found market in almost every part of the world and Volvo, one of the most legendary car makes ever is struggling though.

Undoubtedly, Volvo has been making some of the best looking cars for about last 15 years, but boy, are these cars boring to drive.

All their modern car features are so gimmicky and annoying. It is inevitable that until and unless they start producing driving friendly and more luxurious cars instead of these gimmicky ones, they will one day have to shut down and that day is not far away.